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Assorted autographs

I haven’t done an autograph post in a few days, but I got an interesting mix of things in the mail today.

First, the baseball:

mike-hampton-ny mike-hampton

One of my autograph trading partners got Mike Hampton to sign a couple of cards for me at one of the Houston Astros off-season caravan appearances last week. Hampton didn’t leave New York on the best terms, but without him the Mets would never have appeared in the World Series in 2000.

Without a Subway Series, I don’t know that I would ever have come back to baseball…. needless to say, I’m very happy to have a Mets card signed by Hampton in my collection.

The Mets have not held any public caravan appearances since their 2006 playoff appearance… a fact I find very interesting.

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Autograph of the Day: 2000 Bowman Jim Morris


2000 Bowman Jim Morris
2000 Bowman Jim Morris

I think I’ve seen “The Rookie” about a half-dozen times this year. It’s not going to displace “Field of Dreams” as my favorite baseball movie, but it’s pretty good.

So when I ran across a copy of the real Jim Morris‘ 2000 Bowman card in the dime box at a card show, I bought it and mailed it to him to see if I could get it signed.

Earlier this week, I got my card back. Morris has a nice, clean signature and he even inscribes “The Rookie” underneath. This is one of my favorite non-Mets autographs.