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Tarnished stars and autograph collecting

Alex Rodriguez's autograph isn't worth what it used to be, but that didn't stop a crowd from seeking them during his rehab assignment in Trenton earlier this month (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)
Alex Rodriguez’s autograph isn’t worth what it used to be, but that didn’t stop a crowd from seeking them during his rehab assignment in Trenton earlier this month (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

Bud Selig’s crusade against Alex Rodriguez has hurt his hobby marketability – to the point where many autographed items are going unsold on eBay and Steiner-certified signed baseballs could be had for $60 or less.

The market for Roger Clemens autographs doesn’t seem much better, although fewer pieces seem to be listed.  One Steiner-certified baseball sold for $51 on July 26.

Nevertheless, MAB Celebrity Services is counting on Yankee fans excited about the upcoming 15th anniversary of the team’s 1999 World Series Championship to spend big for a few seconds of “The Rocket’s” time next January.

The autograph show promoter sent out an email this afternoon promoting Clemens’ scheduled appearance at the January 25th, 2014 “Pinstripe Perfection” event.  Start saving now if you want to add Clemens’ autograph to that special item you’re working on.

Autographs will cost:

  • $199 for flat items up to 11″ x 14″ and baseballs
  • $249 for larger flat items, mini helmets and equipment
  • $299 for bats, jerseys and jersey numbers

Inscriptions are an additional $99.

My guess is that he’ll be a big draw despite the price – Clemens has not done any New York-area autograph shows recently, and there are a lot of Yankee fans (and Red Sox fans) in the area who need his autograph for team-signed items, plus all of the collectors with 300-win, 3000+ strikeout, Cy Young or Rookie of the Year projects.

It  would have been fun to watch Dwight Gooden and Clemens in the same pitching rotation in the 1980s, but now I’m glad Clemens decided to go to college instead of signing with the Mets so I don’t need his autograph for my collection. (I have to admit, I’m less than thrilled every time I see one of my Lenny Dykstra items these days.)

Do players like Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro and Jose Canseco still have a place in your sports memorabilia collection?

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Yankees GM won’t rule out Staten Island rehab for A-Rod


Alex Rodriguez (Photo credit: Keith Allison)
Alex Rodriguez (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Speaking of Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman expects his third baseman to spend the full 20 days allowed for a minor league rehabilitation assignment before returning to the major leagues.

But just because he’s not going to be back in the Bronx for another couple of weeks, it doesn’t mean A-Rod couldn’t find his way back to New York sooner.

Dean Balsamini of the Staten Island Advance writes:

Asked if A-Rod could see some action with the Staten Island Yankees, Cashman told beat reporters Thursday morning that it was a possibility, but nothing was definite.

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Marcum won’t go 0-for-the-season

Shaun Marcum's 2013 Bowman baseball card
Shaun Marcum’s 2013 Bowman baseball card

Anthony Young‘s record 0-13 start is safe; Shaun Marcum finally earned his first victory as a Met tonight.  Now Marcum (1-9) can try to catch up with Cole Hamels (2-11 as I write this.)

The Mets offense had to take advantage of some shoddy Chicago White Sox defense to score their runs, and the Mets’ defense made Marcum look better than he really was, but the important thing is that the Mets actually impressed for most of the night. For a while, I had completely stopped looking for that to happen. Yay, progress.

Meanwhile, things seem to be falling apart over in the Bronx.

Yeah, the Yankees shouldn’t matter to me. And mostly, they don’t — but after watching them be the more popular and more successful team for over a decade, I am enjoying watching Cashman find ways to manufacture problems when he already has more than enough unavoidable ones.

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Jose Reyes’ 2013 Topps baseball card

Jose Reyes' 2013 Topps baseball card
Jose Reyes’ 2013 Topps baseball card


When I started collecting baseball cards, we had to wait until the “traded” set came out at the end of the season to get baseball cards that shows players with their new teams. (I remember wondering why Jack Clark was a St. Louis Cardinal on all his 1988 baseball cards, even though he played for the Yankees – and by the time he finally had Yankees cards, he had moved on the the San Diego Padres.)

But this is the 21st century, and it’s a whole lot easier to manipulate photos now. So Topps was able to give us a Jose Reyes baseball card showing him as a Blue Jay before he even took the field for them in a spring training game.

I really could have done without the Alex Rodriguez paragraph.

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Thoughts after the last New York baseball game of 2011

The planning for 2012 begins today for the New York Yankees, and I can’t say I’m unhappy about that.

For all the concerns about their pitching, it was the Yankees’ hitting that sunk them. They wasted opportunity after opportunity last night. I think the game was decided in the 7th inning, when Alex Rodriguez and Nick Swisher both struck out with the bases loaded against a struggling Joaquin Benoit.

A team that led baseball in home runs during the regular season had difficulty scoring any other way – Robinson Cano‘s solo shot and a bases-loaded walk accounted for the Yankees’ only runs in the deciding game of the ALDS. There’s probably a lesson in that for Mets fans who obsess over the home runs lost to Citi Field’s current dimensions.

With luck, the Philadelphia Phillies will follow the New York Yankees into the offseason tonight. But I’m not sure if I’ll watch – I’m tired of rooting against other teams in the playoffs.

Next year, it would certainly be nice if the Mets could give me a team to root for.