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Baseball Card of the Day: 2013 Allen & Ginter Across the Years R.A. Dickey

RA-Dickey RA-Dickey-B

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher R.A. Dickey is celebrating his 40th birthday today, a fact noted on his “Across the Years” insert card from the 2013 Allen & Ginter baseball card set.

Celebrities sharing Dickey’s birthday include actors Bela Lugosi and Winona Ryder, astronomer Edmund Halley, former New York Ranger Mike Gartner and Dan Castellaneta, who is identified as “Homer Simpson’s voice” on the back of the card. Also celebrating a birthday today are current Mets’ pitcher Dana Eveland and former Mets outfielder Karim Garcia.

Dickey became one of my favorite New York Mets players in 2011 and his Cy Young Award-winning performance was the highlight of 2012 for Mets fans. Since being traded to Toronto, Dickey has gone back to being a mid-rotation innings eater rather than a true ace. He finished 2014 with a 14-13 record and a 3.71 ERA in 215.2 innings, very solid numbers.

The Blue Jays could decide to deal Dickey this winter – he’s in the last year of his current contract, which will pay him $12 million in 2015, but the team does hold a $12 million option for 2016. Wherever he ends up, I hope he continues to enjoy success and I will keep rooting for him.

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Crossing off a few cards

Marc, who runs the Astros-centric blog Remember the Astrodome, offered to send me a couple of baseball cards from my wantlists last week. In return, I knocked a bunch of cards off of his 1980s Astros wantlists.

Wilfredo Tovar's 2014 Topps Heritage card (from my collection)
Wilfredo Tovar’s 2014 Topps Heritage card

Until I opened Marc’s envelope, I’d forgotten that I never finished this year’s Topps Heritage Mets team set… only nine more regular cards and three shortprints to go.

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Topps not seeing stars on this year’s Mets team

It’s becoming clear that Topps now thinks of the New York Mets as a second-tier team.

I'm pretty sure R.A. Dickey is a better choice for a spot in a baseball card set than Jason Bay in 2012, but Topps does not agree.

While there are 13 Mets cards in the 33o-card Topps Series 1 (14 if you count the National League Batting Leaders card), there are only three in the 220-card Topps Opening Day set that just came out (175 Jason Bay, 187 David Wright and 195 Ike Davis).

To compare, there are five Pittsburgh Pirates in the Opening Day set (17 Pedro Alvarez, 34 James McDonald, 144 Andrew McCutchen, 152 Neil Walker, 168 Jose Tabata and 193 Casey McGhee).

The Mets fare better in Topps Heritage, out this week, where they have at least 15 cards in the 500-card set:

1 NL Batting Leaders – Reyes, Braun, Kemp, Pence, Votto
27 Josh Thole
59 R.A. Dickey
78 Daniel Murphy
93 Johan Santana
107 Ruben Tejada
112 Mets – Team Card
191 Rookie Stars (Hendriks, Liddi, Moore & Schwinden)
204 Chris Schwinden
228 Rookie Stars (Hagadone, Satin, Hughes, Benson)
233 Terry Colins – Mgr
245 Lucas Duda
292 Justin Turner
363 Rookie Stars (Dominguez, Schwinden, Savery & Peacock)
426 Frank Francisco
436 Ike Davis
467 David Wright
475 Jason Bay

But then according to a preliminary checklist for this summer’s 350-card Allen & Ginter set, there are only five Mets cards to look forward to: 114 Johan Santana, 121 David Wright, 163 Tom Seaver, 164 Ike Davis, and 191 Jason Bay.

I can’t exactly argue that Topps is neglecting a lot of players with star power, but it does look like I’ll be saving money that I might otherwise have been tempted to spend on 2012 baseball cards this summer.

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Mets Baseball Card Notebook: 2012 Topps checklist info

It’s still the middle of winter, according to the calendar, but  2012 baseball cards are just around the corner. Sports Collectors Daily shared the checklist for the 2012 Topps series one set last week. Here’s a look at what Mets fans can look forward to when the cards arrive on February 2nd.

  • 24 Ike Davis
  • 49 Jon Niese
  • 83 Bobby Parnell
  • 128 Lucas Duda
  • 163 Justin Turner
  • 177 Josh Thole
  • 181 National League Batting Average Leaders (Jose Reyes/Ryan Braun/Matt Kemp)
  • 191 Angel Pagan
  • 214 Mike Pelfrey
  • 240 David Wright
  • 251 Jason Bay
  • 279 R.A. Dickey
  • 323 Jason Isringhausen
  • 325 Chris Schwinden

It’s unfortunate that Angel Pagan was included in Series One, but at least the checklist planners held out Jose Reyes for Series Two.

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(Not) Great Moments in Baseball Card Photography: 2011 Allen & Ginter Mets

This year’s Allen & Ginter includes some great baseball cards. It also includes plenty that make me wonder what the photo editor was thinking.

Josh Thole's 2011 Allen & Ginter card

Photographer (just before snapping photo): As R.A. Dickey‘s personal catcher, I bet you’re going to lead the league in passed balls

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And the Mets keep rolling rolling rolling


Carlos Beltran 2011 Allen & Ginter card from my collection

The Mets won their fifth straight game last night, defeating the Washington Nationals 8-5. Jason Bay had another two-hit game and is actually starting to remind me of the guy who used to play for Pittsburgh. D.J. Carrasco came on in relief and got a couple of key strikeouts in a big spot. The 2011 Mets keep succeeding because they’re getting contributions from everybody.

Chien-Ming Wang had a rough go of it in his first major league appearance since July 4, 2009. I’m glad the Mets beat him, but I was hoping he’d have a better night. I’m even more anxious about Johan Santana now.

The Phillies continued to empty out their farm system, acquiring Houston Astros outfielder Hunter Pence for four minor leaguers. Among the players going to the Astros are Class A first baseman Jonathan Singleton and Class A pitcher Jarred Cosart, Philadelphia’s top two prospects. Pence is going to help the Phillies’ lineup now, but I think they’re going to look an awful lot like the 2010 Mets in a few years.

Thanks to @cdorso, I have my first 2011 Allen & Ginter Mets cards. (I either missed them, or Allen & Ginter never made it to the stores around here.) I guess all the baseball card collectors have moved on and are awaiting the release of Topps Lineage next week, though. Continue reading “And the Mets keep rolling rolling rolling”

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Link – FIRST LOOK: 2011 TOPPS ALLEN & GINTER BASEBALL CARDS shared some preview images from the 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter baseball card set today.

I loved this set when it debuted in 2006 because it was so different than anything else on the market. I loved it more in 2007 when I was able to actually get more than a few cards.

Since then, the design has felt a little stale. This year, Topps addressed that problem with the first major changes to the base card appearance. I like it, and I’m looking forward to collecting the cards later this summer.