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Semi-annual review

We’re not quite halfway through the year, but it seems like as good a time as any to take stock.

I’m much happier and in a much better place than I was last fall, when I was last trying to write regularly. But there are still opportunities to be better. I’m doing some of the things that I care about, and letting others fall by the wayside.

I can’t put more hours in the day, but I can try to use them better. That means less television, YouTube videos and Twitch streams, and more time spent creating things.

I want to get back to writing on a regular basis. For now, that means challenging myself to write at least one blog post per week for the month of June. Eventually I’d like to get back to creative writing.

I want to start drawing and painting again. I’m hoping to pick up a sketchbook this week.

I want to take and share more photos. Here are a few that I took in the park this weekend.

As we head towards summer, where are you? Do you have things that you want to change, opportunities to be better?

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Aubrey Huff, artist, and Noah Syndergaard, superhero

Aubrey Huff was a pretty good baseball player for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and others, last appearing in the major leagues in 2012 with the San Francisco Giants.

He’s also an artist and seemingly a fan of Marvel superheroes. If you looked at Huff’s Twitter feed today, you’d have seen paintings of Iron Man and Captain America that he’s hoping to get signed by Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans for a charity auction.

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NYC gallery to host exhibition of Dick Perez baseball art

Bobby Bonilla's 1994 Donruss Diamond King baseball card
Bobby Bonilla’s 1994 Donruss Diamond King baseball card

If you grew up collecting baseball cards in the 1980s or early 1990s, you know some of artist Dick Perez‘s work – he painted ¬†art used for the Donruss Diamond Kings cards.

Agora Art Gallery in New York will present an exhibition of some of Perez’s baseball art from March 26 – April 16. For more details, check out the gallery’s blog.