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Simulating success

(OOTP15 screenshot courtesy of Out of the Park Developments)
(OOTP15 screenshot courtesy of Out of the Park Developments)

After a better-than-expected April, the New York Mets are off to a dismal start in May. (Hopefully Sunday’s last-minute come-from-behind Mother’s Day win over the Philadelphia Phillies will be the start of the turnaround, but for now I’ll just enjoy it for what it is – a game we’ll see many times  on “Mets Classics” this winter.)

Fortunately, the nice folks at Out of the Park Developments offered me a free copy of their latest baseball simulation game if I would agree to write about it. While I can’t do a thing about the real Mets’ lineup or bullpen, I’ve got full control over the organization in the Out of the Park (OOTP) Baseball 15 world.

Well, I still have to answer to digital Fred Wilpon, and he’s expecting the Mets to play .500 ball. But that’s a reasonable goal, right?

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