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Baseball is back

Wilmer Flores Topps 100 insert card from the 2010 Bowman baseball card set
Wilmer Flores’ Topps 100 insert card from the 2010 Bowman baseball card set

It’s 37 degrees outside as I write this and I saw a few snow flurries on the way home, but there was baseball in Port St. Lucie, Fla. this afternoon.

The Mets beat the Mets by the score of 6-2. Wilmer Flores (who almost certainly will not be a Met on Opening Day) hit a three-run homer off of LaTroy Hawkins (who, today at least, would have fit in perfectly with last year’s Mets bullpen).

Tomorrow there will be more baseball, with the Mets taking on the Washington Nationals in a game televised on SNY.

So that’s all good.

The Mets being the Mets, we also get some not-so-good.

  • Johan Santana (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)
    Johan Santana (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

    Johan Santana has a “general lack of strength” and might not be ready for his Opening Day assignment on April 1. Guess it’s a good thing he’s not going to play in the World Baseball Classic, right? The Mets are calling it a “conditioning issue,” so it’s nothing to worry about… probably. (Not that worrying ever did any good anyway.)

  • Pedro Feliciano went back to New York for a follow-up medical exam related to an issue with his bloodwork. Hopefully it’s nothing serious, but there’s a big problem if his absence affects the team. Who counts on a guy who last pitched in the major leagues three years ago?
  • Signed Bobby Bonilla 1993 Studio card from my collection
    Signed Bobby Bonilla 1993 Studio card from my collection

    The whole Bobby Bonilla makes more than any of the Mets outfielders” thing just won’t die. Bonilla makes more than Mike Trout will get this year for playing baseball, too. If you’re a baseball player, a baseball player’s agent or a baseball player’s wife, feel free to obsess over their salaries. But it’s time for the rest of us to acknowledge that baseball salaries have next to nothing to do with playing ability.

I don’t really know what to make of this one, but the Baseball Prospectus projections MetsBlog shared today are … interesting. The Mets are supposed to win 80 games and finish in third place. Encouraging, right? Well, Baseball Prospectus thinks that the Washington Nationals will take the division title with 86 wins and Atlanta’s National League team will finish second with 82 wins, so either the whole division is going to end up beating itself up or their projections are kinda screwy.

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Hardball Is Back

Hardball is BackI’m excited about Jeff Torborg, Bobby Bonilla and Eddie Murray – I think the Mets will do great things in 1992!

Well, even though it didn’t quite work out that way, that’s really what I was thinking when I got this pre-season ticket sales brochure around this time 19 years ago. (I found it when I was going through some old baseball memorabilia over the weekend.)

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Autograph of the Day: 1993 Leaf Studio Bobby Bonilla

bobby-bonillaToday’s autograph of the day comes courtesy of Casey in Illinois. Casey won the signed Travis Wade card I gave away earlier this month, so he decided to send me a thank you gift even though I told him it wasn’t necessary.

Leaf’s Studio line was one of my favorites in the 1990s, though I never seemed to have many of the cards. The 1993 set was one of the nicer offerings; I liked the way they used closeups of the team uniforms as the backdrop for the photos.

Bobby Bonilla looks like he’d begun to understand the pressure of playing in New York by the time this photo was taken. It’s a big difference from the “all smiles” Bobby Bo on the 1993 Topps card that I got signed through the mail back in January.

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When in doubt, supersize it…

Inspired by Mario at Wax Heaven, I pulled out my Donruss/Leaf binder to see if I had any 1995 Leaf Studio cards. Well, I didn’t find out because this particular book only went up to 1994.

But it did include this gem… a 5×7 Bobby Bonilla Jumbo Diamond King. What’s not to love about a jumbo version of Bobby Bo? It’s not very clear in the scan, but the words “Diamond Kings” are made out of reflective red foil, and the card is individually numbered for greater collectibility 😆

(Mine is number 00709/10,000… I wonder where the other 9,999 went.)

These Jumbo Diamond Kings were box toppers, so let’s do the math… 26 Diamond Kings time 10,000 copies… there were more than a quarter of a million boxes of 1994 Donruss cards! And they’re not even the ones that are still all over the place! I’d hate to even think about how many 1990 Donruss cards were made.

If you want your very own jumbo-sized piece of Donruss history, circa 1994, you’ve got some options on eBay. There’s a lot of ten Jumbo Diamond Kings, including Hall-of-Famer Dave Winifield, for the low, low price of ten cents. You can try to win Hall-of-Famer Tony Gwynn’s Jumbo Diamond King card for $0.99. Or you can try for future Hall-of-Famer Ken Griffey Jr. for $0.99.

Sadly, I couldn’t find any other Bobby Bo cards. 😀