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Congratulations, Pedro Martinez & the other 2015 Hall of Famers

The Baseball Writers Association of America elected four new members to baseball’s Hall of Fame this year, including one former New York Met.

Signed Pedro Martinez 2008 Topps Heritage card from my collection
Signed Pedro Martinez 2008 Topps Heritage card from my collection

While Pedro Martinez will be remembered by most for his achievements with the Boston Red Sox, my strongest memory comes from one of about a dozen games I went to at Shea Stadium in 2005.

While we were settling in to watch the start of the game, Pedro quickly retired the first two Arizona Diamondbacks batters. Then, with Luis Gonzalez at the plate, all of the sprinklers on the infield suddenly turned on!

Many pitchers would have let something like that throw them off of their routine. Not Pedro. On the Diamondvision board, you could see Pedro smiling and laughing about the ridiculous situation. While the other players left the field during the delay, Pedro stayed out there. Once order was restored, he struck out Gonzalez and went on to pitch eight innings of one-run ball as the Mets won 6-1.

After the game, Pedro told reporters, “Water is a blessing, I believe.┬áSo I got wet.”

I hope the Mets invite Pedro Martinez out to Citi Field sometime this summer to honor him and give fans one more chance to applaud.

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One week to go…

David Wright

A week from today, Mets pitchers and catchers are due to report to spring training camp. Twenty-seven players, including David Wright, are already there – they took part in voluntary workouts on Monday.

I should be excited about the calendar moving closer to the start of baseball season. Yet I’m not, in large part because of the Madoff mess. (MLB Trade Rumors has a recap, in case you haven’t been following the saga.)

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Is Carlos Delgado reaching the end?

2010 Topps Heritage Carlos Delgado

After spending most of last season on the disabled list with a hip injury, Carlos Delgado didn’t find a lot of job offers waiting for him this off-season.┬áThis month, he finally landed a minor league deal with the Boston Red Sox.

Delgado appeared in five games and is 3-for-13 with two RBI. According to Buffalo News reporter Mike Harrington, Delgado is back on the DL. I’m not sure if it’s good news or bad, but his latest DL stint is the result of back spasms and not a hip issue.

I’m sure Delgado would still like to play long enough to reach 500 home runs, but it’s looking less and less likely.

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Card of the Day: 2007 Upper Deck Elements Dual Memorabilia Carlos Delgado/Carlos Beltran

I don’t have too many relic cards in my collection… and this is the only dual player memorabilia card that I own. It’s from the 2007 Upper Deck Elements set, and it’s number 37/50. I bought it for $5 at a card show last year, and I have no idea how well or poorly I did. I can’t find another copy that’s for sale or sold recently.

To tell the truth, I bought it because it was a dual player card featuring Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado; the game-worn fabric swatches weren’t a big factor in its appeal.

An era of Mets baseball is drawing to a close. Who knows where Carlos Delgado will play in 2010? Even more uncertainty surrounds Carlos Beltran’s future in New York.

We’ve seen some great players in Mets history during this era, but there’s been only one playoff trip to show for it. It’s been an exciting and an infuriating time to be a Mets fan.

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Art Appreciation

Carlos-Delgado-Sketch Delgado-Sketch-Back

Last year, Topps introduced the concept of hand-drawn sketch cards to their baseball line. It was a fantastic idea, though sometimes the execution left a bit to be desired. (I occasionally saw sketch cards listed on eBay where neither I nor the seller could figure out exactly who was being depicted.) The sketch cards proved to be popular enough that Topps brought them back again this year.

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