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A not-so-fond farewell to Turner Field

could spend time tonight writing about Sandy Alderson‘s latest foray into comedy, but that would just end up with me being annoyed.

Turner Field Panorama
A Turner Field panorama, taken July 9, 2005 (Photo credit: Kevin Eldon via Flickr)

Instead, I’m going to focus on a piece of baseball news that makes me happy. After three more seasons, the Mets will never have to go back to Turner Field.

Sure, the Cobb County taxpayers are probably getting a bad deal for the benefit of the Liberty Media Group, and the Braves will be an Atlanta team in name only. (City residents can at least take solace that their local politicians did not put corporate welfare ahead of taxpayers.)

But let’s focus on the positive: Turner Field’s days are numbered. That ballpark has been a house of horrors for the Mets almost since it opened. The two teams split the first season series in 1997, but it was downhill from there.

The Mets lost every game at Turner Field in 1998. In 1999, the Mets claimed victory in the first game they played at Turner Field, but lost the next five regular season games and all three NLCS series games played there. It wasn’t until 2006 – the tenth year the ballpark was open – that the Mets finally won a season series at Turner Field.

Overall, the Mets are 50-94 in regular season games at the ballpark, and 0-3 in playoff games. I know that the Mets’ lack of success has more to do with the relative strengths of the two teams than anything about Turner Field, but I’ll still be happy to see the ballpark follow Fulton County Stadium into the history books.