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2014 Donruss Mets baseball cards

Matt-HarveyI really hadn’t planned on collecting this year’s Donruss set in any way. While it was my favorite non-premium brand in the late 1980s/early 1990s for its “Rated Rookies,” “Diamond Kings,” and for including players’ full names and “how acquired” information on the card backs, I’m not a fan of the modern version because Panini can’t use team names, logos or exact uniform color combinations.

But during the course of the year, I’ve gotten a number of them in trade packages, as gifts or in contest prizes… and they are beginning to grow on me despite their flaws. So I figured out which Mets cards I have and which ones I’m missing, and I added those to the group of wantlists linked over in the left sidebar. I doubt I’ll chase after them with the enthusiasm I would have shown if Panini did have an MLB license, but I’m going to try to put together the basic team set and get some of the inserts that inspire nostalgia.

How do you feel about Panini’s baseball cards?

Here is a list of the Mets included in both series, not including any parallels or buyback autographs.

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World Series starts tonight – who are you rooting for?

I’d almost forgotten that baseball’s playoffs aren’t over yet. Tonight, the Wild Card World Series finally gets underway and we can find out if the Kansas City Royals will claim their first trophy in 29 years or if the San Francisco Giants will get their third in the last five.

Yep, I know who I’m going to be rooting for.

(I really thought this song’s 15 minutes of fame was over, but thanks for bringing it back, Bay area radio stations.)

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Highlights from a pair of 2014 Donruss Series 2 packs

Travis d'Arnaud's 2014 Donruss Series 2 baseball card
Travis d’Arnaud’s 2014 Donruss Series 2 baseball card

I may not have found any Topps Update packs yet, but I did get to open some baseball cards last week. One of my friends gave me a couple of packs of Donruss Series 2, and I have to admit that the set is growing on me.

I did pretty well – I ended up pulling Travis d’Arnaud, the only Mets player in the 100-card base set.

A pair of 2014 Donruss Masahiro Tanaka baseball cards
A pair of 2014 Donruss Masahiro Tanaka baseball cards

I also found Masahiro Tanaka‘s Rated Rookies and Diamond Kings cards – in the same pack. I normally don’t get that excited about Yankees cards, but I really enjoyed watching Tanaka pitch this year and these are his first baseball cards that have landed in my hands. Panini’s lack of a license to show Major League Baseball logos hurts the Rated Rookies card, but the Diamond Kings card works for me.

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Crossing off a few cards

Marc, who runs the Astros-centric blog Remember the Astrodome, offered to send me a couple of baseball cards from my wantlists last week. In return, I knocked a bunch of cards off of his 1980s Astros wantlists.

Wilfredo Tovar's 2014 Topps Heritage card (from my collection)
Wilfredo Tovar’s 2014 Topps Heritage card

Until I opened Marc’s envelope, I’d forgotten that I never finished this year’s Topps Heritage Mets team set… only nine more regular cards and three shortprints to go.

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Who says the last week of January is boring?

Should Manny be a Met?


Should Manny be a Met?


Well we have all kinds of controversy and excitement in trading card land today.

Upper Deck is having a very bad week. They lost their license to produce NBA Basketball cards, since the NBA decided to grant Panini a monopoly.

This comes after news Monday that Konami is suing Upper Deck for allegedly distributing counterfeit Yu-Gi-Oh game cards. (Upper Deck denies the charge.)

Major League Baseball is suing Donruss for unathorized use of trademarks in its 2008 baseball releases.

On the baseball front, the Mets pitching rotation still looks pretty weak — but that’s not stopping everyone from WFAN callers to Jerry Manuel from campaigning for a Manny signing.

Meanwhile, the Yankees managed to deal with their own rotation problems by finally re-signing Andy Pettitte. I hate getting sucked into the whole Mets vs. Yankees thing, but I can’t help feeling like the Yankees won this offseason.

I’m not sure how much I care about any of this, but I guess it makes for late-January entertainment.