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Hello and goodbye

The Mets have had a couple of busy days while I’ve been busy being sick 😉

Rocky Cherry
Rocky Cherry -- Best name ever?

We’ve got a new closer to watch (and, as helpfully points out, we can customize our own K-Rod jerseys if we want them before the standard ones make it to the stores.)

We’ve got a new setup man, so we won’t have to watch Aaron Heilman blow any more leads. (Though Marty Noble has to remind us why the trade may not have been such a great idea after all.)

We even have a couple of new guys to watch compete for jobs this spring thanks to the Rule V draft.

Time will tell if Omar did a good job re-making the bullpen, but at least he’s not expecting us to watch the same unit that failed in September again.

endy-chavez smith-joe.jpg

Change means it’s time to say goodbye, though.

Endy Chavez made the best catch I’ve ever seen durring the 2006 NLCS, and I’ll always appreciate him for that. But it became clear that he didn’t have a place on Jerry Manuel’s team last year. I hope he does well in Seattle.

Joe Smith was absolutely spectacular at times… and spectacularly awful at others. I’ve always had a soft spot for sidearmers, so it hurts a little to see him go. I’ll be rooting for Joe to have a good year in Cleveland.

Aaron Heilman’s welcome had worn out in New York in October 2006, but we all had to endure two more years together. I like Heilman, but I don’t think he has the right personality to be a reliever… and I don’t think he has good enough stuff to be a starter, either. Hopefully he’ll prove me wrong in Seattle next year.