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The Gil Hodges 1963 Topps “Update” card that shouldn’t have been

There used to be a baseball card blog called “Things Done To Cards.” It featured a mix of oddball baseball cards and more typical ones that have had something done to them.

This 1963 Topps Gil Hodges card would have been a perfect fit for that second category. I can only imagine that the card’s original owner decided to “update” it following the May 23, 1963 trade that sent the New York Mets’ original first baseman to the Washington Senators to begin his managerial career.

In one sense, it’s impressive that a young fan took the time to update the baseball card all those years ago… on the other hand, I’d like to have a Gil Hodges card that had not been modified. 🙂

(For any of my regular readers who miss it, this week’s “Minor League Mondays” feature will run later this week due to lingering computer issues from last week’s hard drive failure.)

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A bittersweet day for Cubs fans: Ron Santo finally makes the Hall of Fame!/jcrasnick/status/143723182522769408

Today is likely a bittersweet day for Chicago Cubs fans and the family of Ron Santo: the Cubs great will finally be inducted in baseball’s Hall of Fame, but the good news comes almost a year to the day after Santo passed away.

Brooklyn Dodgers legend and former New York Mets manager Gil Hodges fell three votes short of the 12 needed for induction. While his numbers don’t compare favorably with other Hall of Fame first baseman, I had hoped enough voters would be swayed by his character and his managerial accomplishments.

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Link: The case against Gil Hodges’ Hall of Fame candidacy

Should Gil Hodges be voted into the baseball Hall of Fame? (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

Former New York Mets manager Gil Hodges is on the Golden Era Veterans Committee Hall of Fame ballot this year. Last week, I wrote that I’d be happy if Hodges were enshrined, but I wasn’t sure if his numbers merited it.

Yesterday, Brian Joura examined Gil Hodges’ Hall of Fame case for You should really go check out his statistical comparisons. He concluded:

Hodges was a very good player on some very good teams and holds a magical spot in the hearts and minds of New York baseball fans. That’s a wonderful thing and a fitting memory. It pains me to say it but he does not deserve any additional honors. All of the people fired up about putting Hodges in the Hall of Fame would be better served by backing [Keith] Hernandez, instead.

When I asked my readers if Hodges belonged in the Hall of Fame, 75 percent of you said yes*. I hope that the committee members agree with you rather than Mr. Joura, even though I think he makes a well-reasoned, compelling argument.

Does anybody want to vote differently:

*Results checked at the time I wrote this post Monday night.

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“Golden Era” Veterans Committee Could Enshrine Gil Hodges In Cooperstown

Gil Hodges 1970 Topps card

On December 4th, the “Golden Era” Veterans Committee will vote on a ballot of 10 former players and executives to determine if any of them will be part of next year’s Hall of Fame class.

One former Met is part of the ballot – Gil Hodges. Though he finished his career with the Mets, Hodges is best remembered as a Brooklyn Dodger. His best moments as a Met came as a manager, when he led the team to its first World Series championship in 1969.

I’m not sure that he has the numbers needed to belong in the Hall of Fame, but I’d certainly be happy if Hodges is elected next month.

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Monday morning odds & ends

1970 Topps Gil Hodges card

Would you believe the Mets took two out of three from the Marlins at Sun Life Stadium this weekend? Last year’s team didn’t manage a road series victory until June, but this year’s squad did it before the home opener.

I’m not suggesting that the 2011 Mets are playoff bound, but so far they’ve been entertaining. That’s really all I’m asking for. Let’s hope they can keep it up when they get to Philadelphia tomorrow.

* * *

On this date in 1924, former Mets manager Gil Hodges was born. I’m not sure how long this scan of Hodges’ 1970 Topps card has been sitting in a folder on my computer, but I did want to finally share it – it’s the best-condition Hodges card in my collection.

* * *

John Nalbone writes about Kei Igawa’s expected assignment to the Trenton Thunder bullpen this morning. Igawa hasn’t been able to live up to expectations, but I hope that I get to see him pitch at least once.

Josh Norris previewed an unofficial version of the Trenton roster this weekend; I imagine the final one will be released today or tomorrow.

* * *

Over at SquaretenderErin McClam breaks down my scorecard from Stephen Strasburg’s major league debut last year. He seems especially impressed that I kept track of all of the young phenom’s pitches, which is something I do not normally do.