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Baseball card of the day: 2014 Gypsy Queen Wilmer Flores autograph

Wilmer-Flores Wilmer-Flores-B

Wilmer Flores may or may not be the Mets’ Opening Day shortstop in 2015, but he showed flashes of promise at the end of this season.

Although Flores had been a hyped prospect for a number of years, I didn’t have any luck getting his autograph at the ballpark when he was playing in Double-A and I wasn’t particularly interested in paying for his Bowman and Donruss certified autographs before his major league debut.

Fortunately for me, this Topps and Panini both chose to included Flores on the autograph checklist for a number of products this year. I was able to get this one from 2014 Gypsy Queen Baseball for $2.50 shipped from an eBay seller – a bargain for me, but a disappointment to anyone who pulled a copy out of their $125 hobby box.

The autograph appears on the card, not a sticker, which is a positive. I’m also a fan of the tobacco card era-inspired design, but I know that Gypsy Queen Baseball’s charms are wearing thin for a number of collectors.

By my latest count, Wilmer Flores’ autographed baseball card is the 889th Mets player’s in my collection, representing over 90 percent of the team’s all-time roster. I’d like to reach 900 by Opening Day, but I don’t know how realistic that is.

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Some new & old new Mets autographs

While I’m playing catch-up today, here are a few recent additions to my New York Mets autograph collection, encompassing players both old and new.

First, courtesy of Eric, are a pair of signed 1962 Topps cards – pitcher Bob L. Miller and catcher Chris Cannizzaro.

Bob-Miller Chris-Cannizaro

Next, courtesy of Ryan, a signed 2009 Bowman Chrome card of new Mets reliever Greg Burke.


Finally, courtesy of one of the dealers at the monthly sports card show at the Rahway Senior Center, a 2013 Gypsy Queen Jeurys Familia autographed insert card.


(If you have any doubles of the regular Gypsy Queen cards from this year’s set, I need three more regular cards to finish my Mets team set.)

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2012 Gypsy Queen baseball cards are out

David Wright 2011 Gypsy Queen green bordered parallel card from my collection

I still haven’t gotten around to showing you my 2012 Topps Heritage Mets baseball cards, but the cardmaker’s latest set has hit the marketplace.

This year’s Gypsy Queen cards look remarkably similar to last year’s, with the major difference being the location of the Gypsy Queen logo shifting from the top to the bottom of the card design.

There are 350 cards in the set, with numbers 301-350 being shortprinted mini cards. There also photo variations on some of the cards, to make things more interesting (or give set collectors another headache to deal with, depending on your perspective.)

Retail packs offer six cards for $2.99, while hobby packs offer 10 cards for around $4.50.

There are 9 Mets cards in the base set (1-300), but more than half feature retired players.

  • 82 David Wright
  • 118 Ike Davis
  • 198 Lucas Duda
  • 223 R.A. Dickey
  • 245 Darryl Strawberry
  • 251 Gary Carter
  • 295 Doc Gooden
  • 296 Tom Seaver
  • 296b Tom Seaver photo variation

Among the inserts, there’s a “Glove Stories” card dedicated to Endy Chavez’s catch in the 2006 NLCS and a Jonathon Niese autographed card.

While the scans people have been posting make the 2012 Gypsy Queen set look nice enough, I’m not that interested due to the small number of current Mets. Do you plan to collect this release?

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Link: Beckett Media offers first look at 2012 Gypsy Queen baseball cards

One of Topps’ nice surprises this year was the Gypsy Queen set, which proved to be very popular with collectors. The retro-style set will return in 2012, and Beckett Media offered a first look at the card designs yesterday.

I did not buy a lot of Gypsy Queen cards this year, but I did eventually acquire the Mets cards. I haven’t decided if I will collect next year’s version.