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Who wants to make it a Mets Halloween?

I’m pretty sure we’ll go with something more traditional for the jack-o’-lantern at our house, but if you want to carve a baseball-themed pumpkin this year the Mets have you covered.

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Giving Away Cards At Halloween

Halloween could be a good time to get rid of unwanted baseball cards to hopefully-appreciative trick-or-treaters

Halloween is a week away. While candy is the traditional thing to hand out to trick-or-treaters, Joe Shlabotnik of The Shlabotnik Report suggests that the holiday is a good way of clearing out unwanted baseball cards that you might have accumulated during the year.

I take several hundred unwanted and generally recent cards – usually doubles from busting packs – break them down into small stacks, wrap each stack in clingy food wrap (he said, avoiding the brand name), and put them in our Halloween bowl along with the usual candy.

We make sure that we tell the kids that they can take both cards and candy, because some of them are too quiet or polite to take more than one thing.

It wouldn’t work well for me this year – with Halloween falling on a weekday, I’m not likely to see many trick-or-treaters. Except for that little problem, it might be a good way to get rid of unwanted Yankees cards. 🙂

So, has anyone else handed out trading cards at Halloween – either in addition to or in place of candy? How well did it work?

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Visiting the Newark Bears’ “Stadium of Screams”

Newark Bears owner Dr. Doug Spiel (right) cuts the ribbon to officially open “Stadium of Screams” (and try to get away from all the “ghouls” chasing him.) (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

Stadium of Screams” opened at Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium on Thursday night, and the Newark Bears invited me to come and check it out.

With most of the lights out, Halloween music playing, and assorted Halloween decorations in place, the ballpark had a spooky vibe. That was before the high school student volunteers appeared in their makeup to play their part in the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Afterwards, there was a bit of a delay while Bears owner Danielle Dronet checked to make sure everything was in place for all of the haunted attractions. But by 8:30 p.m., we were ready to go.

First, we were ushered into the old team shop, which had been emptied out and turned into a screening room for a short video warning us of the “dangers” that awaited in the Stadium of Screams. In a nice touch, a team employee raised the metal security shutter in front of the store to let us in… then lowered it behind the group so no one could leave.

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Newark Bears “Stadium of Screams” starts tonight

The Stadium Zombie awaits visitors to the Newark Bears “Stadium of Screams,” which opens tonight. (Photo from the Newark Bears Twitter feed)

The Newark Bears will turn their ballpark into a “Stadium of Screams” tonight, bringing back the haunted house attraction for its second year.

For two weekends, Oct. 18-21 and 25-28, as well as Halloween itself, Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium will become a “bone-chilling haunted attraction” featuring three separate indoor haunts. The attraction will be open from 8 p.m. to midnight each night.

Admission into the stadium, where there will be live entertainment, costume contests and carnival games, is free. Admission into the three haunted attractions is $20. A hay ride that takes place on the field costs $5.

On Saturday, Oct. 27, the Bears will hold a costume contest for dogs—click here for details.

Volunteers from Hackensack High School, Technology High School in Newark and Newark Innovation Academy, as well as students from Berkeley College, Bloomfield College, Christ the King Prep High School, New Jersey City University, Nyack College, Rutgers University – Newark and Seton Hall University, who work with the organization as interns, will support the Halloween event.

For more information, visit

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[PRESS RELEASE] Newark Bears Offer Special “Stadium of Screams” Ticket Discount

The Newark Bears have announced a special pre-sale ticket discount for their haunted attraction—Stadium of Screams—which will open on October 18.

Originally, tickets were three “haunts” for $20. Now, the Bears are offering five haunts for the same price, giving the public an opportunity to experience all five haunted paths in Stadium of Screams for the price of three.

Experience all of the haunts that Stadium of Screams has to offer for a limited-time discounted price!

Original price:
Three haunts for $20

Pre-sale discounted price:
FIVE haunts for $20

Buy your tickets here:

On Monday, the Bears released frightening footage caught on a security camera in the basement of the team’s ballpark.

In its second year, Stadium of Screams is a bone-chilling haunted attraction that features five separate indoor haunts, allowing fans to navigate through the team’s clubhouse, dugouts, luxury suites and other areas of the ballpark. Stadium of Screams will run on the following days: October 18 – 21, 25 – 28 and 31 from 7 p.m. to midnight.