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Weekend baseball plans

My plans for this weekend (health, weather and other circumstances permitting) involve going to Trenton on Sunday to see the Harrisburg Senators take on the Trenton Thunder, so I spent a few minutes tonight trying to find baseball cards for the Senators players to sign. I’m still amused that they have an infielder named Stephen King, and yes, I do have one of his baseball cards. ūüôā

Saturday, I hope to be at Citi Field to watch Mike Pelfrey face Ryan Vogelsong as the Mets take on the San Francisco Giants. Last weekend, when I realized I should expect to see Pelfrey, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. This week, after Johan Santana and R.A. Dickey both reminded us that even good pitchers have bad days, I’m just hoping for a good game. I’m looking forward to seeing Angel Pagan again, but I hope he doesn’t have too good of a series against his old team.¬†If I get back to New Jersey in time, maybe I’ll be able to make it to Daniel Murphy‘s scheduled autograph appearance.

Of course, the way my allergies have been acting up this week I don’t think the odds are all that good that I’ll make it to both games…. and I may not get to either.

What games are you planning to go to this weekend?

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Pettitte “for sure” to pitch for Trenton Thunder

New York Yankees star pitcher Andy Pettitte will¬†“for sure” pitch for the Trenton Thunder as he prepares for a return to the major leagues after his one-year retirement, he told’s Adam Barry.

Josh Norris, who covers the Thunder for the Trentonian, speculates on just when those starts might happen.

Pettitte is likely to pitch again on Friday or Saturday, depending on whether the Yankees opt to give him four or five days’ rest between appearances. As much as I’d like to see a major league star in a minor league setting, I’m glad I’m not planning to go to either of those games – big crowds are not my idea of fun.

As of now, I am planning to go to Trenton’s game against Harrisburg on Sunday. Former Lancaster Barnstormer (and Minnesota Twin) Matt LeCroy manages the Senators, and it seems that Harrisburg has a third baseman named Stephen King… that should be fun.

Updated April 16th: Pettitte will not be pitching in Trenton this weekend.

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Odds & Ends: Buckner, Bogar & LeCroy

Once upon a time, I used to eagerly open up the sports section looking ¬†for some mention of the New York Mets, or failing that, baseball in general during the offseason. These days, I find myself hoping there’s no Mets article…

Autographed Bill Buckner photo from my collection

A few odds and ends that may be of interest to some:

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A Cliff Floyd bobblehead

Last month, I won a surprise bobblehead contest run by Ryan at the Great Orioles Autograph Project.

My prize – a Cliff Floyd bobblehead given away at a Harrisburg Senators game this season – arrived on Saturday. As far as bobbleheads go, it’s a very good likeness.

Floyd, who patrolled left field for the New York Mets from 2003-2006, began his career in the Montreal Expos’ organization as a first baseman. A 1995 collision with Mets catcher Todd Hundley at first base resulted in a broken wrist that nearly ended Floyd’s career; when he returned, he moved to the outfield.

In 1993, Floyd hit .329 with 26 home runs and 101 RBI for the Harrisburg Senators at the age of 20. The next year, he was the regular first baseman on a Montreal Expos team that appeared playoff-bound when the MLB Players Association went out on strike.

Floyd would go on to win a World Series ring in 1997 with the Florida Marlins. They recognized him with a bobblehead giveaway in 2001. I’m not aware of any other teams that have done so.

Thanks for the new addition to my small (and largely accidental) bobblehead collection, Ryan.

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Minor League Mondays: 2011 Harrisburg Senators

The Harrisburg Senators are the Double-A affiliate of the Washington Nationals, and for the past two seasons their fans have gotten to see the most-hyped prospects in the game. Last year, Stephen Strasburg started the season with the Senators.

This year, Bryce Harper had to wait until mid-season to move up after starting the year with the Single-A Hagerstown Suns. That meant he missed being included in the team’s original card set, but they decided to make a six-card update set so they wouldn’t miss out. Between the regular cards and the update set, you get cards for three of the Washington Nationals’ top 10 prospects as ranked by Baseball America before the season started.

In addition to Harper (#1), catcher Derek Norris (#2) and pitcher Brad Peacock (#10) are all included in the regular or update sets. Other names you might recognize – former Mets & Pirates pitcher Oliver Perez; infielder Steve Lombardozzi, who is the son of a member of the 1987 World Champion Minnesota Twins; pitching coach Randy Tomlin, who played for the Pirates in the early 1990s; and Luis Atilano and Shairon Martis, both recent members of the Washington Nationals’ pitching staff

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