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Old & new

Last week, John from California found a Nolan Ryan reprint in some packs of 2017 Topps Series 1 baseball cards that he’d opened, and he offered to send it my way.

Ryan is the only Met featured in a 10-card “Rediscover Topps” promo set. The fronts are reprints of classic Topps cards of some of the game’s biggest stars of the past and present, ranging from Jackie Robinson to Mike Trout. The backs talk about Topps’ traditional baseball cards available at retail and hobby shops, Topps Bunt digital baseball cards and Topps Now cards available for 24 hours only at

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Revisiting Topps Tier One Baseball

Drew Storen's 2011 Topps Tier One Baseball certified autograph card

Topps Tier One Baseball has been out for a little while now, and I do have a card in my possession despite my refusal to gamble on the $85 “packs”.

Drew Storen‘s autographed card set me back $3.50, including shipping, on eBay. I hope the guy who sold it to me got some better cards out of his box.

Looking at completes sales, it seems like you could do quite well if you were lucky enough to pull one of the big case hit cards.

None of the Mets cards have been going for big money. The highest price Mets card I found was a Jose Reyes triple jersey relic (#19/25) that went for $28.50. A Reyes purple parallel card (#4/25) sold for $20. A Tom Seaver triple bat relic card went for $16.50.

Perhaps the most amusing part is that some single relic piece cards sold for less than the same player’s base set card in Topps Tier One Baseball. If I had the money to waste, I’d be tempted to try to put together a Mets team set (base cards, single autographs and single relics) to see if I could do it for less than the cost of buying one box.

I’ll probably just stick to looking at cheap autographs, if I have any money after the holidays. 🙂

Have you bought any cards from Topps Tier One Baseball, either as singles or unopened boxes? What do you think of your purchases?