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Sticker shock (or the joys of ‘dynamic pricing’ and ticket fees)

Yesterday, I attempted to take advantage of one of the Mets’ single game pre-sale opportunities to buy tickets for Opening Day and Banner Day. It took about ten minutes to get out of the “virtual waiting room” in the morning. (I checked back later in the day with no wait.)

For Opening Day, I was offered a choice of Promenade Reserved, Promenade Outfield, and tickets that cost more than I was even willing to consider. So I picked Promenade Reserved and was offered Section 528 for $50 per seat plus a $7 fee per ticket.  I wasn’t thrilled, but Banner Day had to be cheaper, right?

For the May 27th game, there was a larger selection of seating categories. I picked Promenade Box, but could have chosen Promenade Reserved, Promenade Infield, Pepsi Porch or Left Field Landing for the same price – $40 per seat plus a $6 fee per ticket.

To go to two baseball games and sit in the upper deck, it would cost $103 per seat plus a $6 per order fee!

Let’s put that in perspective. Last year, I spent $123 for a Promenade Infield seat for Opening Day and five other games through a flex plan promotion. (The Mets did not charge any per ticket or per order fees.)

I ended up not placing the order.

Yesterday evening, I decided to take a better look at the six game marquee flex packs being offered this year – maybe they’re a better value. I was able to put one together with Opening Day, Banner Day, three early-season weekend games and a game from Jose Reyes’ first series back at Citi Field for $128 per Promenade Reserve seat (I was offered Section 519.) Not too bad, right?

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