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Baseball card of the day: 1999 Just Minors Jorge Toca autograph

Jorge-Toca Jorge-Toca-B

I wasn’t paying that much attention to Major League Baseball or the Mets in 1999, so I don’t remember how much prospect hype Jorge Luis Toca was getting in his first year of U.S. professional baseball.

Looking at Toca’s minor league numbers, I imagine that at the very least Binghamton Mets fans were very happy to have him on their team. In 75 games, Toca hit 20 home runs and posted a .308 batting average, .384 on base percentage and .584 slugging percentage. At the Triple-A level in Norfolk, Toca improved his batting average to .335 but saw his power numbers dip – just five home runs in 49 games, with a .500 slugging percentage.

I wouldn’t have been in any rush to run John Olerud out of town to open up a spot at first base, but I know I would have been interested in finding out what Toca could do at the major league level, particularly with 40-year-old Rickey Henderson serving as the Mets’ primary left fielder.

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