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Sadly, we’re still talking about Santana

The Mets and the media are still turning Johan Santana‘s spring into a circus.

Terry Collins
Terry Collins (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

Today it was Terry Collins‘ turn to get in on the act, and he sounds every bit like the lame-duck manager he is:

Said Collins: “I asked, ‘What did you get on the mound for?’ And he said, ‘Because I felt good.’ And I said, ‘It was unnecessary.’”

Said Collins: “I said, ‘The last thing I need is to have you wake up tomorrow stiff and then we take a huge step backward because you wanted to show everybody you’re OK….

[via ESPN New York]

So, here we have Santana – a $25 million+ investment who was until recently expected to be the Opening Day starter – throwing without his manager’s approval or knowledge until after the fact.

The Mets are really looking like winners here, aren’t they? And it all started because Sandy Alderson – the one who was supposedly hired to make the Mets look more competent and respectable – decided to open his mouth in front of a bunch of reporters.

Fun if you’re a tabloid reporter or sports radio talk show host… otherwise, not so much.

Autographed 1988 Topps Dwight Gooden card from my collection
Autographed 1988 Topps Dwight Gooden card from my collection

And while we’re on the subject, here’s an even less-fun story via TMZ, of all places: Dwight Gooden has a temporary restraining order filed against him because he allegedly threatened his estranged wife and her family.

If you want some good news regarding the Mets… well, Kirk Nieuwenhuis is only expected to miss a week or so after injuring his knee while stealing a base on Sunday. The way things have been going, I was afraid it would turn into a season-ending injury and it didn’t, so at least there’s that.

And I’ve got a couple of new additions to my Mets autograph collection. Non-roster outfielder Andrew Brown signed a card I mailed to him via Mets spring training camp, but the Mike Piazza card was a purchase.

Mike-Piazza Andrew-Brown

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I really want this “Capt. Kirk” bobblehead

Concept artwork for the "Cyclones at the Movies" bobbleheads, taken from the Brooklyn Cyclones website
Concept artwork for the “Cyclones at the Movies” bobbleheads, taken from the Brooklyn Cyclones website

I’ve got to hand it to the Brooklyn Cyclones marketing department – they come up with some whimsical ideas for bobblehead giveaways.

This year, the Cyclones are offering a five-game mini-plan with four exclusive bobbleheads “featuring Brooklyn stars in Hollywood roles.”

Now the Bobby Parnell, Brandon Nimmo and Cory Vaughn ones don’t particularly do anything for me… but as a Star Trek fan, how could I not want an actual “Captain Kirk” Nieuwenhuis bobblehead (even if whoever put together this graphic didn’t quite spell his name correctly.)

Unfortunately, I think I’m going to have to resort to eBay to try to add it to my collection… three of the five giveaway days are Sundays, but the “Captain Kirk” bobblehead night is scheduled for Tuesday, August 20th, and I think I’d have a hard time getting away from work in time to get out to Coney Island for the game.

In other bobblehead news, the New York Mets unveiled their full promotional schedule today. David Wright, Tom Seaver and Dwight Gooden join Ron Darling and John Franco as part of the All-Star Bobblehead Series, and there’s a limited Knitting Mr. Met bobblehead available through a special offer. (I’m kind of disappointed that there’s no Ron Hunt one – he was the first Mets player to start an All-Star Game and it would have been a nice tie to the only other time the Mets hosted the game.)

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My first Mets baseball cards of 2013

The first Topps baseball cards of 2013 came out last week. I bought a few packs on Friday, and here are my first Mets cards of the year:

Kirk Nieuwenhuis' 2013 Topps baseball card
Kirk Nieuwenhuis’ 2013 Topps baseball card
The back of Kirk Nieuwenhuis' 2013 Topps baseball card
(Click to enlarge)

Topps picked a cool photo of  “Captain Kirk,” but try not to laugh too hard after you read the write-up on the back.

Bobby Parnell's 2013 Topps baseball card
Bobby Parnell’s 2013 Topps baseball card
The back of Bobby Parnell's 2013 Topps baseball card
(Click to enlarge)

I think Jesse Orosco‘s appearance record is safe from Bobby Parnell.

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Niese baffles Bucs, but how long can the Mets’ luck last?

Jonathon Niese dominated the Pittsburgh Pirates yesterday. While there’s room to debate whether the Pirates’ lineup really is worthy of major league status, Niese’s performance was a big improvement over his start in Toronto last Friday when he allowed four home runs in three innings.

Jonathon Niese’s 2012 Topps baseball card

In fact, the Mets have won three of their last four games, bringing them back to four games above the .500 mark and into a tie with the Miami Marlins for third place, two games behind Atlanta.

And yet I feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Michael Salfino and Howard Megdal both point to some numerical analysis that suggests the Mets have benefited from a lot of good luck this season.

I don’t think you really need to get out the calculator to understand that point, though. It’s plain to see that Ike Davis, who had been counted on to be the Mets’ cleanup hitter and primary power hitter, often looks lost at the plate and could be spending Memorial Day in Buffalo.

Lucas Duda, the team’s other projected source of power, has four home runs so far. Daniel Murphy has been better than expected at second base, and he’s hit well – at least at Citi Field. But he’s turned into a singles hitter. After a fast start, Kirk Nieuwenhuis is trying to make adjustments to the pitchers who’ve adjusted to him.

Really, David Wright is the only Opening Day starter you could point to and say, “wow, what a great year he’s having so far.”

And while the starting rotation has had better results than I expected, the Mets’ new and improved bullpen evokes memories of September 2008.

I’m trying to enjoy the 2012 Mets’ success for as long as it lasts, but I can’t help wondering when their luck is going to run out. I’ll be at three of the 11 games on the homestand the Mets begin tonight. Hopefully fortune will continue to favor the Mets at least a little longer.

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Well, the Mets survived some shaky moments tonight and are now 4-0. The Arizona Diamondbacks are the only other remaining undefeated team in the National League.

Kirk Nieuwenhuis hit his first major league home run, Daniel Murphy made a highlight reel play in a big spot… but the most remarkable part of tonight’s game was Mike Pelfrey. Sure, he wasn’t great – but he didn’t crumble when faced with adversity. How often have we seen that?

I don’t think I’ll get to watch any of Tuesday night’s game, but hopefully Dillon Gee can keep the win streak going.

Let me leave you with with a look at a cool Tom Seaver baseball card I picked up for my collection this weekend.

Tom Seaver 2012 Topps Retired Numbers baseball card
Tom Seaver 2012 Topps Retired Numbers Commemorative Patch baseball card

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