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Weekend card show pickups

I haven’t seen my friend Bart in forever, so when he asked if I wanted to go to a sports card & memorabilia show today, I said “sure.” The Westchester County Convention Center was also hosting a reptile expo today, and that drew a bigger and more diverse crowd, but there was plenty to see at the card show.

I found a “vintage” signed Marv Throneberry card from a Renata Galasso baseball card set honoring the 20th anniversary of the 1962 original Mets, signed photos of current Mets’ second baseman Jeff McNeil and once (and perhaps future) Mets’ infielder TJ Rivera, a double-signed photo of Lee and LJ Mazzilli, signed photos of three members of the Magnificent Seven gold medal women’s gymnastics team from the 1996 Olympics, and a few $3 Oyo Sports figures that I didn’t have.

I also snagged a baseball card album so I can start organizing my Mets autographs from the past few years. My first binder held 50 years of Mets’ players, but it’s time for a new one. So I’ll be updating my Mets autographs needed list sometime soon, but probably not until after the holidays.

But as fun as it was to go to a sports card show and find some cool things to add to my collection, the highlight of my day was getting to see an old friend again.

How was your weekend?

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Mets baseball card of the moment: 1963 Topps Marv Throneberry

Marv Throneberry's 1963 Topps baseball card

What happens in Atlanta, stays in Atlanta. (Especially if it’s as ugly as Wednesday afternoon’s 14-6 Mets loss to the Braves.)

Today’s Mets card of the moment is from the 1963 Topps set (the inspiration for this year’s Topps Heritage design) and features legendary Mets first baseman Marv Throneberry.

While most baseball legends earn their reputation with skill, Throneberry’s legend seems to be based on a distinct lack of it.

The most famous “Marvelous Marv” story has him hitting a would-be triple, only to be called out for failing to touch second base. When Casey Stengel went out to argue, his first base coach told him not to bother because Throneberry had missed first base, too.

Does anybody have any other stories to share?

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