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Rogue Friday


September 30th, 2016 was #RogueFriday, the official product launch day for the new toys for Rogue One, A Star Wars Story.

Only somebody forgot to tell whoever runs the toy department at the WalMart store I visited…they had no Rogue One product on their shelves at all. But I did end up with a nice consolation prize that unintentionally fit the theme: I finally found a Marvel Legends Rogue figure to finish off as much of the Juggernaut Build-A-Figure series as I intend to complete.

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Marvel Legends Hope Summers (Hasbro, 2012)


I wasn’t actively collecting Marvel Legends figures when Hasbro re-launched the line, so I’m trying to catch up with some of the ones I missed as I can.

Hope Summers is yet another addition to the always-confusing Summers family tree. The first new mutant born since Scarlet Witch wiped out almost all of the mutant powers on M-Day, Hope started her life as a target and a symbol – the mutant messiah. Cable took her into the future and raised her as his daughter. Eventually, she returned to the main Marvel timeline and became a focal point for the Avengers vs. X-Men conflict.

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