Daily Roundup, Jan. 3, 2017

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Put it in the books: Mets win 1st game of the spring

The first New York Mets game of 2013 is over, and the Mets won 5-3.

It’s the first time I’ve watched the Mets play since the Miami Marlins defeated them 4-3 on October 2nd, 2012, the game where Adam Greenberg finally got his major league at-bat.

Today was more fun. Ruben Tejada hit a wind-aided home run off of Stephen Strasburg. Zack Wheeler got to make his unofficial New York Mets debut. Collin Cowgill made a nice catch, hit a double and scored from second base on an error by Washington first baseman Micah Owings. Bobby Parnell kind of looked like a closer.

Sure, it’s just one game… and a Grapefruit League game at that. But this season is going to be about enjoying things where we find them.

I always keep a scorecard for the first baseball game that I watch each year, even if it is a spring training game on SNY.



I suspect I’ll end up scoring a few more games this spring as I continue to tweak my scorecard design. (I lost the original file for the scorecard I’ve been using for the last few seasons, so I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to revise it for 2013.)

I’m still concerned that having only two spaces per batting order slot will be a problem, but I like having more room to write player names.

I definitely need to clean up the “Game Notes” section some more, and I’m not happy with the way the running totals blend with the inning totals at the bottom of the page.