Mr. Met

I have dozens of collectible Pop! vinyl figures… they are well on their way to becoming the Beanie Babies of this decade. Funko has made figures for just about every license you  could imagine… and quite a few that you probably wouldn’t.

Until today, I did not have any of the baseball ones. Thanks to my friend Greg, I’m able to cross Mr. Met off of my wishlist.

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Signs of spring

(Not the actual view from my window, fortunately.)

I know I’m ready for winter to give us a break, and New Jersey hasn’t even had it particularly bad this year in comparison to other places.

But we’re finally starting to see signs of spring.

Yesterday, Matt Harvey spoke to the media about how “excited” he is to be in spring training this year.

“I feel great; I feel extremely healthy,” Harvey said, according to’s Paul Casella. “It’s exciting to be back with this group and being able to work like one of them, and not being on the side doing your rehab. It’s fun to be part of the crew again.”

(Harvey’s not “in the best shape of [his] life,” which I’m sure is disappointed to some baseball bloggers, but let’s cut him some slack. There will be plenty of time to work on cliche delivery in Port St. Lucie.)

And today, Mr. and Mrs. Met helped to load up the equipment truck for its annual drive from Citi Field in Queens to Tradition Field in Florida.

Baseball is coming… hopefully we’ll be able to thaw out and enjoy it when it gets to us.

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Link: Mets Guy in Michigan’s Mets ornament of the day: The elusive Mr. Met

Changing the subject from Jose Reyes and the Mets’ finances, let’s talk about Christmas trees. I want to share this post from Mets Guy in Michigan:

Several years later, when we had our first house, my wife surprised me with an artificial tree for the baseball room – a special tree to fill be with baseball ornaments.

Naturally, I have rules. Space on the baseball tree is limited, so each ornament has to be special. Ordinary glass balls with a team logo don’t cut it. I like ornament that can take us to a time or place, tied to a memory.

I’d love to have a “baseball tree,” but I’ve never really had much luck finding suitable ornaments that were actually nice. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the ornaments Mets Guy in Michigan posts.

How many of you have baseball-themed ornaments on your Christmas tree?