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On the Mets’ loss last night & Major League Baseball umpiring

Umpires discuss a play (photo credit: Keith Allison)

The Mets lost last night, 6-0, and now trail the Braves by 7.5 games in the wild card race.

The winning streak wasn’t going to last forever, and there’s no great shame in getting shut out by a pitcher who could start the All-Star Game for the National League.

There is cause for concern about the sloppy fielding – the Mets were charged with three errors – and Dillon Gee having another inning he couldn’t escape.

The umpires may be an even bigger concern – not just for the Mets, but for all of baseball.

During the broadcast, Gary Cohen mentioned an article by Murray Chass which talks about the state of umpiring in Major League Baseball. Specifically, Chass wonders why eight umpires had difficulty counting to four.

During a game between the Mets and Rangers on June 25, Mike Dimuro and his crew failed to award Nelson Cruz a walk after Jon Niese threw ball four. On July 2 in a game between the Mariners and Padres, Phil Cuzzi sent Cameron Maybin to first base after he received ball three. Maybin went on to score the only run of the game.

When Chass interviewed Peter Woodfork, Major League Baseball’s senior vice president for baseball operations is in charge of umpires, he said “I’m not going to speak on particular umpires and discipline.”

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