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Reyes returns

Jose Reyes, when he was still a Met (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

Jose Reyes will return to Citi Field tonight for the first time since his controversial bunt-and-bolt maneuver in game #162 last September. But this time, he’ll be in the third base dugout wearing one of those technicolor Miami Marlins uniforms.

I wonder what kind of reaction he’ll get from the crowd when the lineups are announced, and when he comes up to bat. I hope that the fans cheer for Reyes before the game, then cheer even louder for Ruben Tejada when he is announced.

Despite the botched last moments as a Met and his departure to a division rival, Reyes was one of the most exciting players I ever saw wear the Mets uniform. I appreciate what he did during his nine years in New York, and I wish I could be at Citi Field tonight.

Of course, once the game starts I expect Reyes to be booed – particularly if he does anything productive for the Marlins. And that’s as it should be.

Then again, maybe vocal Marlins fans will outnumber vocal Mets fans tonight and the point will be moot. Who knows? (I certainly didn’t realize there was such a large, vocal San Francisco Giants fanbase in the area until this past weekend.)

What kind of reaction do you think Jose Reyes will get tonight?

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