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MetsBlog: Getting to know rookie Vic Black, a man of the people

Vic Black's 2014 Topps baseball card
Vic Black’s 2014 Topps baseball card

I’m going to guess that most of my readers are Mets fans & already saw this over at But I’m going to share it anyway, because how often do you see a current baseball player interviewed about his subway riding habits?

“To me, it’s cool, especially after games. You hop on and especially late, Mets fans are everywhere, and they’re still talking about the game,” Black said. “I love being around people, which is why I think New York fits me, personality-wise.”

Read “Getting to know rookie Vic Black, a man of the people” at

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More All-Star Apples

After Sunday’s Mets game, I stopped to look for a few more of the All-Star Apples that have been set up throughout Manhattan to promote the All-Star Game.

NYG Apple DSCN5875

The New York Giants Apple at Grand Central Terminal was easy to spot.

Brooklyn Apple DSCN5886

The Brooklyn Dodgers one (also at Grand Central Terminal) took a little longer to find. Both are near stairs down to the dining concourse area.

Mariners Apple DSCN5895

The Seattle Mariners one is in the Nintendo Store in Rockefeller Center. I had to settle for taking a picture through the door, because the store was closed by the time I got there. (Really, who’d think a store in Manhattan would close at 6 p.m. on Sundays?)

Royals Apple DSCN5905

The Royals Apple is in front of the Fox building on Sixth Avenue, across from an entrance to the 47 – 50 Sts – Rockefeller Ctr subway station.

Mets Apple DSCN5909

And up a little further on Sixth Avenue, you’ll find the Mets Apple outside SNY Studios.

So far, I’ve found nine of 35 Apples. You can see the rest of my photos, including alternate angles of most of these Apples, at my Flickr account.

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[Gallery] A few All-Star Apples

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I spent the day in New York City on Saturday, watching a pair of off-Broadway plays.

So I missed the Mets’ come-from-behind efforts that didn’t quite work out, but I also got a chance to find three of the All-Star Apple sculptures that have been scattered throughout Manhattan.

Question of the day: Are you excited about the All-Star Game returning to New York in just a few weeks?

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Mini Yankee Stadium at the NY Botanical Garden’s holiday train show

I spent the afternoon at the New York Botanical Garden to check out its holiday train show. While the trains get top billing, the real stars of the attraction are the miniature versions of famous New York City landmarks handcrafted from natural materials like bark, twigs, stems, fruits, seeds, and pine cones.

Here are a few shots of the Yankee Stadium model:

Yankee Stadium 1

Yankee Stadium 2

Yankee Stadium 3

Yankee Stadium 4

I posted some other (non-baseball) photos from the holiday train show to my Flickr account.

The display will remain open at the New York Botanical Garden until January 13th, 2013. If you’re in the area and have the opportunity to go, check it out.