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Out of the Park Baseball 16 adds MLB logos & stadiums

DruckOut of the Park Baseball 16 will feature the official logos for all 30 current Major League Baseball team and over 150 Minor League Baseball teams, Out of the Park Developments announced in a press release today.

“Getting OOTP officially licensed has been in the back of my mind for a long time,” game creator Markus Heinsohn said on the company’s official blog. “ has always known about us, and every so often they’d inquire about us getting a license, but it always seemed so daunting. We’re not a major game developer, with our own legal department and things like that…. As it turns out, they had pretty reasonable terms, and they were easy to work with, so one thing led to another last year.”

I really enjoyed getting to play with OOTP 15 last year, but not seeing the real MLB team logos on the pages took some of the fun out of being the New York Mets’ general manager. I’m looking forward to their addition to this year’s version of the game.

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