Vintage Shea Stadium postcard

Vintage Shea Stadium postcard

Here’s a vintage Shea Stadium postcard that my friend Greg found for me a little while ago. I only remember the old ballpark from the neon ballplayer era, so this is a particularly neat glimpse of the past for me.

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Signed Kevin Appier Mets postcard

Signed Kevin Appier Mets postcard from 2001
Signed Kevin Appier Mets postcard from 2001

It’s been 12 years since Kevin Appier pitched for the New York Mets. (And barring a bunch of minor miracles, this October will mark 13 years since the Mets’ last World Series appearance.) Where does the time go?

Appier was a relatively respectable 11-10 with a 3.57 ERA for the Mets in his only season with them, but GM Steve Phillips signed him to an ace-level contract after losing Mike Hampton to the Colorado Rockies and the Denver school system. Realizing his mistake, Phillips made it worse by trading Appier to the Anaheim Angels for aging slugger Mo Vaughn, who spent most of his Mets tenure on the disabled list.

Appier or the Mets had these postcards produced to be signed and sent out through the mail when fans sent him autograph requests. In the 1980s and early 1990s,  the Mets made similar, if simpler, postcards for everyone who went to spring training with them. This postcard of Appier is the one of the latest examples of a Mets player postcard I’ve seen.

The back of the Kevin Appier Mets postcard
The back of the Kevin Appier Mets postcard

Do you know about any more modern Mets team-issued postcards that were sent out to fulfill autograph requests?

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