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San Francisco Giants like sci-fi

The San Francisco Giants have been organizing some amazing sci-fi promo nights. In September, they gave out a baseball-themed BB-8 Pop for Star Wars night.

Next season, they’re planning a Star Trek night on Friday, August 31st when they host the New York Mets. Fans who purchase a special event ticket will get a San Francisco Giants cap featuring the Star Trek Starfleet Command badge, and the team is encouraging people to come to the game in Star Trek costumes.

If I win a lottery jackpot between now & then, you’ll know where to find me on August. 31st.

(On a slightly more realistic note, the New York Mets are giving away a Mr. Met Star Wars Bobblehead to the first 15,000 fans at their Saturday, May 19th game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. I have a much better shot of making it to that one…)

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Mets announce player-focused promos

This week, the Mets sent out an email highlighting various player-focused promotions they have planned for the 2016 season.

On August 27th, they will be giving away Matt Harvey bobbleheads. On April 30, it’s Noah Syndergaard-en gnomes. Here’s hoping I can make it to at least one of those games.

On September 17th, it’s Jacob deGrom hair hats… which sounds a bit off-the-wall, but could actually be kinda fun, especially if it works out for deGrom to pitch that day.

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Thoughts on the New York Mets promotional schedule

The New York Mets announced their full promotional schedule this morning, and I’m sure you’ve already seen it by now. (Here’s a link, just in case.)

A previous Mets collector's cup giveaway (I think this one was from 2009)

The high-profile events (five bobblehead giveaways, Banner Day and John Franco‘s Mets Hall of Fame induction) had been announced previously, and they’re all pretty cool.

The “best of the rest” include a magnetic schedule giveaway on Opening Day, fingerless “texting gloves” on Saturday, April 7th, a Mr. Met poster on Sunday, July 8th, a t-shirt on Sunday, July 22nd, and a tote bag on Sunday, Aug. 25th.

The ever-popular plastic collector’s cup, presented by Premio, will also return for another year on May 4th.

The newly-announced giveaways will be nice bonuses for fans who attend those games, but I don’t see anything that will sway me to make a special trip to Citi Field.

When I can shop for individual game tickets next week, I’m still looking at three dates: Opening Day on April 5th, Jose Reyes‘ first game at Citi Field as a Marlin on April 24th, and the Mike Piazza bobblehead giveaway on August 25th. Anything else will depend on availability later, the weather, my mood and my budget.

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Birthday baseball?

Last night, web site reader Freddy pointed out an interesting promotion that the Baltimore Orioles are running.

Baltimore Orioles
Photo credit: Keith Allison

The Orioles want to give you a free Upper Reserve ticket to a baseball game for your birthday. If your birthday falls during the season, you pick a game during that month. If it comes in the first three months of the year, you pick a game in April. Last three months? Pick a game in September.

Opening Day, and games against the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are not eligible… but it looks like everything else is fair game.

I think this is a wonderful promotion for any team that doesn’t routinely sell out their games. What baseball fan wouldn’t love a team that gave them a free ticket to a game for their birthday? And since few fans go to games on their own, the promotion is likely to result in additional ticket sales. Even if it doesn’t, empty seats don’t buy food or souvenirs.

Of course, even if the New York Mets tried to initiate a similar program, it would get turned into a negative by some of the beat writers and “fans.” (I’m sure the common theme would be something along the lines of  ‘they can’t sell the tickets; can they even give them away?’)

So what do you think of the Orioles birthday ticket offer? Is it something other teams should think about borrowing?