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Mets baseball card of the week: 2001 Upper Deck Legends Yogi Berra


Here’s another Yogi Berra Mets baseball card that my friend Greg found for me. It’s from the 2001 Upper Deck Legends set, a product that contained a mix of retired legends and current stars.

Unlike most relic cards, which at least give the impression that they contain fabric swatches from a player’s jersey, this one clearly notes that it contains “an authentic piece of a pair of pants used by Yogi Berra during an official Major League Baseball game.”

While this is a very neat baseball card, I still have mixed feelings about destroying pieces of baseball’s past to make new baseball cards.

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So what exactly goes into a relic card?

closeup image taken from eBay auction listing

This year’s Topps Triple Threads cards are starting to hit eBay, but a major “hit” from last year’s set is getting more attention.

The card in question is a 1 of 1 featuring a bat knob cut from a bat used in a Major League Baseball game by Lou Gehrig. It also features two “game-used memorabilia” fabric swatches.

“The relics contained on this card are not from any particular game, event or season,” according to the disclaimer on the back. I’m not an expert on baseball uniforms, but do those fabric swatches really look like they came from anything Gehrig would have worn on a baseball field?

So what exactly went into the card?

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Things that make me wonder

Kaz-Matsui bat barrel

A one-of-a-kind bat barrel card has been making the rounds of the online card collecting community today. It started on the Freedom Card Board message board, and got picked up by the Beckett Blog and Wax Heaven. I noticed it because of a post made by TheCardTweet on Twitter.

If you just took a quick glance at the image I posted, you might wonder what the big deal is. It’s a Matsui bat barrel card. It’s certainly not something I’d normally post about.

If you take a closer look, you might start to wonder. When did Hideki Matsui wear number 25?

He didn’t, but Kaz Matsui did. And it appears that’s whose bat got chopped up to make this card. I’d love to have this little conversation piece for my collection, but there are a lot of other things I could do with the $1,252.49 it would cost.

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