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Gaming Log- Fate Grand Order Saber Wars

Fate: Grand Order’s first event of 2018, Saber Wars, wrapped up yesterday and it was fairly productive for me. I was able to get everything I wanted out of the event shop, reach two million points to clear the reward ladder and even add to my stock of Reverse Dragon Scales via battle drops.

The story was fun, if short – Mysterious Heroine X crash lands near where Saber Lily is training. Ms. X vows to help train Lily while secretly plotting to destroy all other saber-class servants. In the final act, another mystery woman arrives to battle Ms. X.


Lily helps Ms. X defeat Ms. Z, and then we’re launched into two weeks of farming to gather items and Altrium points to help Ms. X repair her space ship.

This event marked a departure from some recent ones in that we had a choice of battles to fight to gather resources. For people with low level servants or who had yet to acquire the damage-boosting craft essence cards, there was a set of relatively easy battles. If you had to stick with them for the whole event, you could certainly clear the event shop and would have a chance of getting enough Altrium points to obtain all five copies of Saber Lily, but you wouldn’t have much of a shot of obtaining everything from the points ladder.

But if you had strong servants, you could move on to the tougher fights. Most of the people I know who play Fate: Grand Order spend the bulk of their time fighting a version of Scathach with nearly a million hit points because it gave them a chance to collect Hearts of the Foreign God, Octuplet Crystals and Eternal Gears. The consistent rewards were a mix of Vacuum Tubes and Altrium points.

So I ended up moving on to the next fight once I had all the Vacuum Tubes I needed and spent the last week of the event fighting Ultra Heroine Z, who had over a million hit points. That battle only gave you Altrium points, so you got more of them – and I decided to stop using Golden Fruits for this event once I’d gotten enough copies Saber Lily to max out her Noble Phantasm.

I relieved on borrowed Okitas (and one of my in-game friend’s level 100 Mordred with 10/10/10 skills) to be my main damage dealer, with my max leveled Altria and Saber Lily to back them up. My back row consisted of Waver, to help support whoever was left after my first front row servant was defeated, Mashu, to switch in and taunt Ultra Heroine Z when she charged her Noble Phantasm, and a level 50 Nero to increase my Altrium points bonus.

That lineup worked well, for the most part. But occasionally I’d end up losing all of my sabers and be left with just Waver, or Waver and Mashu. And every time that happened, Waver came through as my damage dealer and carried the day. One time he pulled it off despite being down to one hit point. So he’s my MVP for moving out of his customary role to save me.


I did try to summon Mysterious Heroine X, but she didn’t answer my call within the 90 Saint Quartz and handful of summon tickets I was willing to use. That’s ok. Shiki will be coming soon.

I was really trying for Nero, and I got her.


I was able to get her to level 50 during the event, and I should be able to get her to level 60 at least during our two million download celebration with its 1/2 AP ember gathering missions. Saber Wars also helped me to final ascend Waver and Kiyohime, and fully level Saber Gilles, Medusa and Mashu (for now.) I also got Caesar, Saber Lily and Waver to bond level six.

How did Saber Wars go for you?