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SDCC Doctor Who Panel

I finally got to watch the Doctor Who panel from San Diego Comic Con last month. I’ve got to admit, it was a little bit weird to watch three actors try to find things they could talk about when we don’t really know the characters they’re playing and they’re not allowed to spill too many of the beans…. but it’s still quite fun. I’m sure Jodie Whittaker will be an amazing Doctor.

Are you looking forward to the return of Doctor Who?


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Stuff I’m excited about from San Diego Comic Con

So I disappeared for over two months…. I got sick, went on vacation, did some other fun stuff and a bunch of boring stuff. But mainly I just got out of the habit of writing.

So let me ease back into it by sharing a few of the things I’m excited about from San Diego Comic Con.

Thor: Ragnarok

How awesome does Thor: Ragnarok look?

We get Hulk and Thor teaming up, and it even looks like Loki is going to throw in with our heroes to try to stop Hel from remaking Asgard in her own image. It should be epic.

We’re the same, you and I, just a couple of hot-headed fools.

Yes. Same. Hulk like fire, Thor like water.

Oh, we’re kinda both like fire.

Hulk like raging fire. Thor like smoldering fire.

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