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Ruben Tejada autograph appearance on May 31st in Staten Island

Autographed Ruben Tejada 2008 Donruss Threads baseball card from my collection

I spent too much time running around this weekend, but I did get to go to a couple of baseball games. It was nice to see Johan Santana earn his first victory of the season on Saturday. (Less so to see the Trenton Thunder take 11 innings and 3 hours and 39 minutes to defeat the New Hampshire Fisher Cats on Sunday.)

I may eventually share some photos from the games when I have time to move them from my camera to my computer.

While I was in Trenton, the Mets were winning again, but they might have lost shortstop Ruben Tejada in the process. Tejada strained his right quad and seems to be headed to the disabled list.

Assuming Tejada’s injury doesn’t force a change in plans, you’ll be able to meet the Mets shortstop at Dugout Pub South in Staten Island on Thursday, May 31st, from 7-9 p.m. Autographs are $25 and VIP tickets are $50.

(And if you’re still looking for a relic from Shea Stadium, check out to see what Kevin still has available. He will also be at the May 31st event if you want to do your shopping in person.)

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You could own a piece of the Shea Stadium dugout

image taken from eBay listing

Lots of people have seats from Shea Stadium, but how many can claim to own a piece of the dugout?

For $2,125, you could claim a set that includes bench pads, back wall with the New Era ad, original blue 2×4 wood under seat padding and the protective fence from the front of the dugout. You may even be able to arrange pickup in time for Christmas.

This seller has some other neat items, including the 16-foot tall sign tower that stood outside Shea’s Gate A, outfield wall panels, player banners, and signs. (I’m really tempted to get this one, though I think I will pass.)

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slgckgc’s Photos from Beanie Baby Day at Shea Stadium in 1999

You can find a lot of cool stuff on Flickr. I tend to come across the most interesting things by accident. Over the weekend, I was looking for a photo of Mike Piazza in a Mets uniform, and I stumbled on slgckgc‘s photoset from Beanie Babies Day at Shea Stadium in 1999.

Olerud and Scoreboard Continue reading “slgckgc’s Photos from Beanie Baby Day at Shea Stadium in 1999”

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Patrick Flood on The Problem of Attendance

Patrick Flood has a thoughtful analysis of the Mets attendance figures that Adam Rubin of ESPN New York posted on Saturday:

Comparing yearly attendance figures from Citi Field and Shea Stadium doesn’t tell us much — other than the fact that fewer total people bought tickets in 2011 than in 2005 — because the tickets fans bought in 2011 cost way, way more on average than the tickets fans bought in 2005. And as fans, we’re not really concerned with total attendance. We’re concerned with how much money our team can spend.

The declining attendance figures, on their own, are alarming. But once they’re adjusted for the smaller park and ticket prices, they become somewhat less alarming. The Mets’ attendance numbers are bad, but maybe not as bad as they initially look.

Head over to Patrick Flood’s blog to see all the number crunching.