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Art Appreciation

Brian Kong is my favorite artist who’s recently created artwork for a baseball card company. Most recently, he contributed to the 2010 Topps National Chicle set.

However, he also drew some sketch cards that were inserted in various Topps products. I was able to pick up a one-of-a-kind sketch card of Francisco Rodriguez that he did for the 2009 Topps set at last weekend’s otherwise-disappointing Rahway baseball card show.

This is my second baseball sketch card – I bought a Carlos Delgado one by Brian Farr in 2009.

Though Topps is still including original art sketch cards as inserts in some products, it doesn’t seem like they’ve caught on the way that they have in the non-sports collecting world. What do you think of them? If you are a player or team collector, is a sketch card a must have item for you?

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Art Appreciation

Carlos-Delgado-Sketch Delgado-Sketch-Back

Last year, Topps introduced the concept of hand-drawn sketch cards to their baseball line. It was a fantastic idea, though sometimes the execution left a bit to be desired. (I occasionally saw sketch cards listed on eBay where neither I nor the seller could figure out exactly who was being depicted.) The sketch cards proved to be popular enough that Topps brought them back again this year.

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eBay Watch: Topps Jose Reyes sketch card

Today’s item of the day is a 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights Jose Reyes sketch card. Sketch cards have been a popular insert in many of Topps’ recent non-sports offerings, so they’re bringing the idea to their baseball line with the Updates & Highlights and Stadium Club sets.

From the cards that are showing up on eBay, I’m not sure whether this is really such a great idea. Take this Jose Reyes card. Yes, it’s a piece of original artwork. Yes, there’s a certain sense of style to it. Yes, it’s even in color. But is it a sketch of Jose Reyes? I don’t really think so. Would I spend $24.99 to add it to my colletion? No, definitely not.

Now I’m not trying to pick on artist Paul Lempa. I would much rather own this Reyes card than this one of a mystery pitcher. Lempa, at least, put some effort into the design of his cards.

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