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St. Patrick's Day caps

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Major League Baseball and the Mets are hoping that you’ll buy a St. Patrick’s Day cap for your collection.

At $37.99, I think I can live without a cap that’s really only wearable one day out of the year. It does look nice, though.’s shop is promising that ‘special event item’¬†orders will ship by March 10th, so you may actually get your cap in time to wear it this year.

(And if you look around, you can find a promo code for free shipping today – some restrictions apply.)

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Newark Bears Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Photo credit: Erik Fitzpatrick

The Newark Bears celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at the West Hudson parade on Sunday, and they’ve posted some photos on their Facebook page. It looks like everybody had a good time & Ruppert finally got himself a new jersey ūüôā

If you want to be Ruppert (or Effa) for the 2011 season, the Bears are holding auditions on Saturday afternoon at Bears & Eagles Stadium.¬†If you don’t want to wear a fuzzy mascot suit, you can also¬†audition¬†to sing the national anthem on Saturday.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

cloverI don’t know how big a deal St. Patrick’s Day is to anybody else, but I always got a kick out of seeing the special green hats & jerseys that teams would break out for their St. Patrick’s Day spring training games.

At least until this year. Check out the ugly caps the Mets came up with this year. On second thought, maybe it’s better if you don’t. Whoever decided to leave the bill blue with orange trim must be the same guy that thought the CitiField inaugural season patch was a good idea.

One bright side: while there’s a ton of St. Patrick’s Day merchandise in the team store, I don’t see the ugly Franken-cap for sale.

Rocky Cherry
Rocky Cherry

In another bit of sad news, it looks like Rocky Cherry’s time in the Mets organization may be over. The Mets placed Cherry on waivers to return him to the Orioles, but Baltimore didn’t want him back. So the Mets released him today. At least there’s a chance that he could still sign a minor league deal and stay in the organization.

There should be a place in Mets history for a name like Rocky Cherry, don’t you think?