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Old Star Trek cards

I stopped in the local comic shop this weekend, and found an old box of Star Trek game cards that had been marked down to two-thirds off. I played the game a little bit when it first came out, almost 15 years ago… but it was never really all that fun. (So of course, it was a challenge to find other players.)

I collected most of the original series — I’m pretty sure I still have them put away somewhere — and I stuck with it for one or two expansions. I’d quit before the First Contact or Deep Space Nine expansions came along though, so I never got to see those cards.

The Second Anthology box that I picked up for $12 included six promo cards, a pair of starter decks, and six booster packs: two each from the First Contact, Deep Space Nine and The Dominion expansions.

Check out some of the cards after the break:

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