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Happy Thanksgiving

A turkey made from Lego bricks

I hope that you had a good Thanksgiving (unless you’re not from the United States, in which case I hope you had a good Thursday.) After the last few hectic days at work, I appreciated the one-day respite. 

Tomorrow, it’s back to reality and the oncoming rush towards Christmas. Yay.

One of the prayers from the Thanksgiving Eve service I went to last night asked for forgiveness for losing track of what holidays are supposed to be.

Patient Lord, we are rushing headlong into the holiday season, forgetting that the word “holiday” is actually comprised of two words: “holy” and “day.” Forgive us when we treat the “holiday” as a task and a burden, when we load ourselves down with tasks that do not enhance this day. Help us move past the busyness of the day into the attitude of gratitude we should display for all the many wonders and blessings you have poured on us.

I’m pretty bad at this – I often look for the busyness to have something to do to make this time of year feel less empty. It sorta works – “busy” feels better than “empty,” but it probably explains why I don’t really look forward to Thanksgiving very much.

My goal – and my prayer – is to do better as we enter the Christmas season. 

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Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving has got to be my least favorite of the major holidays.

We’re supposed to enjoy big family get-togethers with perfectly-cooked food. Maybe some football, maybe some early Black Friday shopping.

The reality is that we’re not all going to be sitting down to that big family dinner on Thursday. Some of us couldn’t manage to travel back home for one reason or another. Some of us may not get along with our families and may opt to skip it for that reason. Some of us may be spending the day with family but may not be able to afford the big dinner. Some of us may have so little that we’re not even worried about what day it is.

My heart breaks for one of my friends who chose to turn down an invitation to spend Thanksgiving with his sister’s family because it hurts him too much to celebrate the holiday and be reminded that both their parents are now gone.

My own dislike of celebrating Thanksgiving really grew the year that my father passed away – our small family gathering started to feel just a little bit too small. And I’ll probably never have my own family to share the holidays with. That’s something I’m pretty much okay with most of the year, but not when everything is focused on family togetherness.

Maybe I’m missing the point. Dad’s not with us, but mom’s still here. So here’s to trying to appreciate what we have to be thankful for, I guess.

And maybe Thanksgiving just sucks for pointing out all of the things that we’re missing while scolding us for not being thankful enough for whatever we do have.

I don’t know.

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Link: What The Mets Should Be Thankful For

Mr. Met's 2011 Topps Opening Day baseball card

Since I don’t want to end the day on a negative note, let me share a link to a piece from Mr. Met Is My Brother. Helen (Ellie) is one of the most positive people who blog about the Mets:

As Thanksgiving approaches kids in elementary school classrooms all over the country are thinking of what they are thankful for.  If the Mets were to join one of those classes they would find that they have more to be thankful for than one might think.

Please head over to her site to read about the good things in the Mets universe.

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Link: The Top New York Mets Turkeys

Here's Lenny Dykstra in his other uniform, on a 1994 Post Cereal baseball card

What would Thanksgiving be without turkeys? 🙂

At Mets Police, Shannon is continuing his annual holiday tradition of running down the Top New York Mets Turkeys of all time.

Let’s start with our newest addition.  One would think that it would be nearly impossible for a 1986 Met to add himself to this list, but this nominee tried so hard.  No matter what, one could always count on Lenny Dykstra to be caught up in something you’d rather not be caught up in.

To see the rest of the list, head over to Mets Police.

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Monday morning thoughts

Happy Thanksgiving-week Monday! I’m looking forward to the holiday, and I hope that everybody has a good one.

It looks like Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association will announce a new collective bargaining agreement this week. It’s reported to contain provisions to expand drug testing to include human growth hormone, and will have measures to slow the growth of contracts signed by draft picks and international free agents. I’ll have some thoughts on it when the details are officially announced, but I’m really getting tired of news articles that rely on “unnamed sources” and rumors.

Ty Wigginton is now a Philadelphia Phillie. That’s probably a good thing for him – the Phillies should give him a chance to go to the playoffs and maybe win a World Series ring. But it depresses me a bit – I always liked Wigginton when he played for the Mets, and now he’s part of a team that I can’t stand.

Not much seems to be happening with the Mets; I don’t really expect that to change anytime soon. Maybe Sandy Alderson will pick up a player in next month’s Rule 5 Draft at the winter meetings, but I will be surprised if he has any major announcements to make at all this off-season.

I’ll have some baseball card & collectible posts throughout the week, but I’m planning a reduced posting schedule as we get ready for Thanksgiving.