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Blood clots, blowouts and Bryce Harper’s gold shoes…

Tuesday morning, Tony LaRussa‘s All-Star Game snub of R.A. Dickey still seemed like the biggest story around the Mets’ pitching staff…. at least until word broke that Dillon Gee was hospitalized after having surgery for a blood clot in his right shoulder.

Dillon Gee’s 2011 Allen & Ginter baseball card

Mets manager Terry Collins told the NY Post that he was “very, very worried about” Gee, and thanks to Toby Hyde’s research on other pitchers with blood clots, it’s easy to see why. Adam Rubin spoke to a medical expert who attempted to explain the medical issues involved, and I’m also worried for Gee. I’m glad the doctors were able to catch it before it became a more severe problem, and I hope that Gee is able to make a full recovery.

Gee’s trip to the disabled list offers Collins a chance to give Miguel Batista more innings, and that’s exactly what he plans to do. Better to run the 41-year-old poet out there for a spot start or two than to force Matt Harvey to the majors before he’s ready, I suppose.

There was an actual game Tuesday night amid all the hoopla in Kansas City. (To hear some columnists, not to mention Bud Selig and player’s union head Michael Weiner, you’d think it was a “let’s gang up on Robinson Cano” festival. While I don’t support the people who made nasty comments to Cano’s family, I hardly think anyone needs a reason to boo a Yankee – and leaving the home team player out of the home run derby can’t have seemed like a good idea to anyone other than Cano.)

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Still annoyed over R.A. Dickey’s All-Star Game snub

I’m still annoyed at Tony LaRussa‘s decision not to start R.A. Dickey in tomorrow night’s All-Star Game.

Why isn’t R.A. Dickey starting the 2012 All-Star Game?

Bad enough that an ambitious late voting campaign got Pablo Sandoval the starting nod at third base over MVP candidate David Wright, LaRussa had to go pick another San Francisco Giant – Matt Cain.

Cain is far more deserving of his starting assignment than Sandoval, but even he felt that it might have made more sense to start Dickey.

“I was actually thinking that it might be a little bit of help if R.A were able to start it, because maybe Buster [Posey] would be able to catch him today and then catch him warming up or something like that — maybe a little bit of help doing it that way,” Cain said as reported by ESPN New York.

Dickey has more victories and a better ERA. Cain has a perfect game. Most of the other numbers are close enough that we’re splitting hairs. I wanted to see Dickey get the honor because he’s a Met and because it would be a great story.

LaRussa explained his choice by saying that he thought it would give the National League an advantage if Cain were paired with his regular-season catcher. Whatever gain that might provide is sure to be offset by Posey or Carlos Ruiz getting just seven or eight warmup pitches to accustom themselves to Dickey’s knuckleball — assuming that LaRussa keeps his word that Dickey will get to pitch in the game.

Chances are, a month from now I won’t be able to tell you much about the All-Star game. Without looking online or checking to see if I kept score, I couldn’t tell you who won last year’s game – much less who started for either league.

The best revenge would be to have Terry Collins in a position to fill the National League roster with his own players in 2013. Unlikely? Sure… but stranger things have happened.

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Well, that didn’t take long…

St. Louis Cardinals third baseman David Freese (23)
David Freese (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

The St. Louis Cardinals won another World Series title last night, and when I woke up this morning I found emails offering me the opportunity to buy autographed souvenirs.

MAB Celebrity Services is offering pre-orders for photos and baseballs signed by manager Tony LaRussa with a “2011 WS Champs” inscription for between $99.99 and $129.99, depending on the item.

Steiner Sports is offering World Series baseballs signed by Albert Pujols ($499.99) and World Series MVP David Freese ($299.99).

If you’ve got deep pockets, they’d be perfect gifts for a Cardinals fan, I’m sure. 🙂

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Minor Mets news

Pitcher Dillon Gee will represent the Mets in the 2011 Taiwan All-Star Series next month. (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

I was occupied with other things on Friday, so I missed out on the minor Mets news.

I caught the last inning or so of the NLCS game between the Cardinals and the Brewers last night, and some of the post-game analysis. It floored me that the Cardinals’ bullpen has recorded two fewer outs than the starters, and that no starter has pitched into the sixth inning in the NLCS. As long as it’s working, I’m sure the Cardinals fans are thrilled. But I hope that Tony LaRussa‘s quick hook and fetish for bullpen matchups fails him in the next two games of the NLCS – I don’t want to see this emerge as a new trend in baseball.