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Topps Updates & Highlights Blaster

darin-erstadI needed to go to Target to pick up some medicine today, so I checked the baseball card aisle while I was there. The 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights cards have finally put in an appearance in pack ($1.99 for 12 cards) jumbo ($?.?? for 36 cards) and blaster ($19.99 for 80 cards & 1 relic card) forms.

I picked up a blaster, and was disappointed to miss out on the T-205 cards… I guess they are only in the loose packs this time around. I did get a spiffy Darin Estrad bat card (25/99)… which would be great, if I collected Erstad or Astros. (When exactly did Erstad become an Astro anyway?)

Pluses: I got one more Mets ring of Honor card and some of the base Mets cards I had been looking for.

Minuses: I really could have found better things to use $20 on. I’ll be updating my trade list shortly, in the event anyone is actually working on this set.

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Donruss Threads Baseball and more Topps Updates & Highlights

While I was out today, I tried to pick up some Topps Updates & Highlights cards at WalMart to see if I could get my very own Dick Perez Johan Santana card. No such luck. I think the only baseball cards they had were Upper Deck First Edition Update blasters.

So, I had to stop at the baseball card shop instead. They did open another box of Updates & Highlights, so I spent another $10 on packs… and didn’t get a single Met. I did get my third Yamid Haad card in a dozen packs though. Here’s a quick look at the “highlights” (click the thumbnails to see larger versions)


A-Rod is going to start the Yankee trade pile that I’m going to be pulling over the next couple of days, but the only one I’m inclined to keep is the Akinori Iawamura WBC preview insert.

I also picked  one pack of Donruss Threads Baseball, just because I’m a sucker for things with a “new” sign, I guess. I like the overall design, and for the most part the photography on the cards I got looks good. Player selection is odd – I got three guys I never heard of and two Hall-of-Famers. Still, the cards are much nicer than I expected for a product that is not licensed by Major League Baseball.

Here’s what I got:

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eBay Watch: Topps Jose Reyes sketch card

Today’s item of the day is a 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights Jose Reyes sketch card. Sketch cards have been a popular insert in many of Topps’ recent non-sports offerings, so they’re bringing the idea to their baseball line with the Updates & Highlights and Stadium Club sets.

From the cards that are showing up on eBay, I’m not sure whether this is really such a great idea. Take this Jose Reyes card. Yes, it’s a piece of original artwork. Yes, there’s a certain sense of style to it. Yes, it’s even in color. But is it a sketch of Jose Reyes? I don’t really think so. Would I spend $24.99 to add it to my colletion? No, definitely not.

Now I’m not trying to pick on artist Paul Lempa. I would much rather own this Reyes card than this one of a mystery pitcher. Lempa, at least, put some effort into the design of his cards.

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Topps Updates & Highlights Preview

Topps Updates & Highlights have been out for a week, and the set is already causing a fair amount of controversy.

I guess I’ll check around this weekend to see if the card shop (or any of the big box retailers) have any for me to buy.

Somebody else  can worry about the upside-down cards, prom queen politicians and the like.  I’m only concerned with one thing: how many Mets made it into the set?

A quick scan of the checklist reveals:

#UH012    Trot Nixon
#UH024    Tony Armas Jr.
#UH051    Fernando Tatis
#UH057    Ramon Castro *
#UH066    Robinson Cancel
#UH148    David Wright
#UH224    Angel Pagan *
#UH281    Chris Aguila
#UH328    Billy Wagner
#UH330    Johan Santana *

Ten Mets… not bad at all. I really didn’t need another David Wright or Billy Wagner, but NL Comeback Player of the Year Fernando Tatis makes up for it. I doubt anybody will be very excited to pull Chris Aguila or Robinson Cancel, but I’m happy they’re each getting a Mets card.

In addition to the base cards, there are also a variety of parallels (gold #’d to 2008,black #’d to 57 – hobby & HTA boxes only,  platinum 1/1, printing plates 1/1 – hobby boxes only.) One hundred cards, including at least three of the Mets, have mini silk versions #’d to 50 that are only found in hobby and HTA boxes

The silk cards look pretty slick, but I don’t really see the point of the other parallels.

Continue on after the break for a look at the Mets on the insert checklists…

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