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Late night ramblings: flying bats, milestone home runs, rumored blockbusters and more

The Newark Bears lost to the Lincoln Saltdogs on Friday night by the score of 9-0 (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

Friday night, I watched the Lincoln Saltdogs defeat the Newark Bears 9-0 with my friend Bart. It might have been my last Bears game of 2012. Although I hope to make it to at least one game during Labor Day weekend, recent stories about the financial picture surrounding the Worcester Tornadoes leave me with some concern about whether the series will be played.

The only exciting part of the game came in the ninth inning, when Lincoln’s Matt Forgatch lost his bat and it went flying towards where we were sitting behind the visiting team’s dugout. We both ducked, and fortunately the bat landed a couple of rows behind us.

So I missed seeing David Wright‘s 200th home run (though I did get to see it among SNY’s postgame “highlights” when I got home.) At least I was spared watching the Mets lose to the worst team in baseball (mostly – I was home in time to see the bottom of the ninth inning.) Saturday is Mike Piazza bobblehead day, but even with R.A. Dickey scheduled to start for the Mets, I don’t feel like spending the time or money to go into Queens for the game.

After the game, Terry Collins sounded every bit as defeated as his players. “I’m going to tell you something: I walk through that locker room every day and I look at those names up there and I see good players…Dave Hudgens and I sat this morning — shoot, 11:15 this morning, we’re talking, trying to come up with a game plan, trying to come up with a new theory, with something that’s going to unlock the hit box. We haven’t found it yet.”

Although I was impressed with Collin McHugh‘s performance on Thursday, it wasn’t enough to help him stay in the big leagues. McHugh was sent down Friday to clear a roster spot for Jeremy Hefner, who returned from paternity leave. All because Collins must have a second left-handed reliever because he’s become obsessed with platoon matchups.

A tip of the cap to Jon Springer of Mets By The Numbers for noticing that 1970s Mets reliever Bob Myrick passed away Thursday after suffering a heart attack. He made his debut the year that I was born.

But the big baseball news on Friday was a potential blockbuster trade between the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers. According to ESPN Boston’s Gordon Edes, the Red Sox would send Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett and Nick Punto for pitcher Rubby de la Rosa, first baseman James Loney, pitcher Allen Webster, infielder Ivan De Jesus Jr. and outfielder Jerry Sands.

The four Red Sox players are owed a combined $262.5 million after this season. If reports that L.A. will assume most of those costs prove true, former Mets general manager Omar Minaya is suddenly going to look like a fiscal conservative by comparison to  Ned Colletti.

My friend Bart, who has been a Red Sox fan longer than I’ve been alive, wasn’t happy about the idea of trading Gonzalez. But to get rid of Beckett and Crawford – and the money that they’re owed – while bringing back prospects, he liked the rumored deal just fine.

I tend to agree. Theo Epstein handed out some awful contracts during the later years of his tenure in Boston, and now Ben Cherington will get a do-over if he can pull off this deal. I’m not sure what the Dodgers are thinking. Is it really worth taking on Beckett and Crawford to get Gonzalez?

Before the Dodgers traded for Hanley Ramirez, I wonder if Sandy Alderson could have packaged Wright, Johan Santana and Jason Bay and sent them to L.A. to get a do-over of his own.  It would have hurt to see Wright go, but with each passing day I’m becoming more convinced that he’s going to leave for a team that gives him a better chance to win once he hits free agency.

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Link: Mets Today’s look back at a 1989 deal that didn’t happen

Howard Johnson's 2008 Topps Ring of Honor insert card

If you’re old enough to have followed the New York Mets in the late 1980s, you might remember a rumored trade that would have sent Howard Johnson, Sid Fernandez and hyped prospect David West to the Seattle Mariners for pitcher Mark Langston.

At Mets Today, Dan Capwell discusses the trade that was very close to happening and mentions a couple of minor leaguers that Seattle was going to include to even up the numbers… if the deal actually went through, I wonder what it would have meant for the 1990s New York Mets and baseball in Seattle.

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Now Trading…

manny-ramirez-foilFor those looking for cards of their team from the  Target Topps grey back / throwback or Topps Attax sets, I’ve added a list of what I have for trade. There are around 200 Target Topps cards and around 100 Topps Attax cards listed.

I also have a few Turkey Red, Legends of the Game and Topps Gold cards listed, for those who might be interested.

My wantlist is up to date. I would also be interested in Mets from this year’s card sets that I am not actively pursuing (Topps Walmart, Topps Gold, Upper Deck Spectrum) and last year’s Heritage High Numbers, any Pat Neshek cards and any cards from the 2006 or 2007 Topps 52 Rookies sets.

Lastly, if you have any of the three Mets commemorative patch cards from 2009 Topps retail blasters and you’d prefer one of the Dodger cards I pulled this week, let me know. Otherwise, I think I’ll hold onto them.

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Mail Call: Trade with Texas Rangers Cards

I got a box of about 400 Mets cards from Spiff of Texas Rangers Cards today. That’s far, far too many to list individually, so I’m just going to show off my favorite thing in box.

Among the hundreds of Mets cards Spiff sent, he included all seven Mets prospects from the 1989 South Atlantic League All-Star Set. I’d always pick up the minor league sets of the Mets’ affliates, but I never bought the All-Star or prospects sets. This is a pretty nice find. 🙂

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