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Mets should think about expanding Fan Appreciation Weekend event

During Fan Appreciation Weekend, the New York Mets sent select players out to meet fans and sign autographs as they entered Citi Field.

Mets fans wait for their turn to get an autograph from Travis d'Arnaud before the team's final game on Sept. 28, 2014. (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)
Mets fans wait for their turn to get an autograph from Travis d’Arnaud before the team’s final game on Sept. 28, 2014. (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

On Sunday, Sept. 28th, Travis d’Arnaud had the honors, and there was a large crowd waiting to see him. My friends and I were up near the front of the line, so we got through quickly but it seemed as though team officials kept the process running smoothly throughout. Fans were limited to one autograph and no posed photos. (That latter provision disappointed some, but is needed if the idea is to allow as many fans as possible to meet the selected Mets player.) Continue reading “Mets should think about expanding Fan Appreciation Weekend event”

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Morning reading: Mets prospects who could debut in 2015 & more

Brandon Nimmo (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)
Brandon Nimmo, who played for the Double-A Binghamton Mets in 2014, could make his major league debut as a September call up next year. (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

It’s never too early to start looking ahead to next season. ESPN New York’s Adam Rubin has started doing just that with a series of “Burning Questions” articles. The first installment covers ten Mets prospects who could make their major league debut in 2015.

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Early endings

Jon Niese (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)
Jon Niese (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

There are just two games left to play after Friday’s Mets loss to the Houston Astros, but the game last night provided a strong reminder that there are more important things than baseball.

Jonathon Niese exited in the sixth inning with an elevated heart rate, the third time in his career that the issue has come up during a game.

“It’s certainly something that you can’t mess with at the time,” Terry Collins said after the game. “He said it was really racing fast, so we took him out.”

While Niese said that “it’s not really that scary,” he’s due for another round of medical testing so that doctors can make sure. According to reporter Anthony DiComo, Niese was originally scheduled to undergo a surgical procedure to correct a problem with his heart in 2012, but doctors told him it was unnecessary and he cancelled it.

I hope that Niese is right, that his elevated heart rate isn’t a cause for major concern. But I’ll disagree with him on one point – any time we’re talking about heart issues, it’s scary. I know that I’ll be keeping him in my prayers.

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Crossing off a few cards

Marc, who runs the Astros-centric blog Remember the Astrodome, offered to send me a couple of baseball cards from my wantlists last week. In return, I knocked a bunch of cards off of his 1980s Astros wantlists.

Wilfredo Tovar's 2014 Topps Heritage card (from my collection)
Wilfredo Tovar’s 2014 Topps Heritage card

Until I opened Marc’s envelope, I’d forgotten that I never finished this year’s Topps Heritage Mets team set… only nine more regular cards and three shortprints to go.

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