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It's 1986 all over again on Sundays at Citi

The New York Mets announced today that they will be wearing 1986-style throwback jersesys in all of their Sunday home games this season to help mark the 30th anniversary of the popular World Championship team.

If you want to buy your own authentic jersey, I hope you’ve got a fair amount of cash and don’t mind looking a bit… doofy.

wright authentic
( image)

With player name and number, authentic alts will set you back $332.99 plus shipping and any applicable tax from the shop. They also have the new air belt feature, which is intended to make life better for baseball players who will be tucking their jerseys in, but it probably isn’t a look most fans are going to want to sport themselves.

Wright cool base
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If that’s not your thing, there are also Cool Base versions of the jerseys which are a bit more affordable at $119.99 plus shipping and any applicable tax. But they’re missing the 25th anniversary sleeve patch and the front number.

I don’t expect either version of the new Mets’ alternate jersey to find its way into my closet. This is my favorite home jersey style, but if I’m spending that kind of money on a wardrobe item it needs to be something that can be worn for something more important than a trip to the ballpark.


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Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs unite baseball & bacon

New Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs Saturday home jersey and cap (team photo)
New Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs Saturday home jersey and cap (team photo)

The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs think baseball and bacon are a perfect combination.

At every Saturday home game this year, the Philadelphia Phillies’ Triple-A affiliate will wear red jerseys with a “Pigs” logo, underlined with a strip of bacon. The cap logo will be a strip of bacon. And the pants will also be “bacon-enriched,” the first in baseball to feature a logo design within the piping.

Fans who just can’t get enough bacon will also be able to purchase “scratch & sniff” t-shirts from the team’s gift shop that are based on the new design. For more information, visit

If we were anywhere near April 1st, I would not be posting this – I’d think it was an April Fool’s Day item. But maybe I’m just no fun – what do you think of the Iron Pigs’ new bacon-inspired uniform?

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Why do Japanese baseball uniforms use English lettering?

One of former Mets reliever Ryota Igarashi’s Japanese baseball cards from my collection. Note the use of English lettering for the team name on his jersey.

If you’ve ever looked at Japanese baseball cards, you might have wondered why the team and players names are printed in English letters on the team uniforms.  The Japanese Baseball Cards blog has an interesting discussion of the question, along with some cool photos:

The first professional baseball team in Japan was founded in late 1934 and called the “Dai Nippon Tokyo Yakyu Kurabu” (the great Japan Tokyo baseball club). …

The team spend the 1935 season barnstorming in the US.  They were fairly successful, winning 93 of 102 games against semi-pro and Pacific Coast League teams.  According to Reaves – “The only minor drawbacks to the team’s popularity in the States were their kanji characters and their cumbersome Japanese name.  They rectified both by renaming themselves the Tokyo Giants and adopting a uniform identical to the New York Giants…”

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Newark Bears Notebook: Favorite uniform designs?

Yesterday’s 2005 Newark Bears team set review inspired me to take a look at some of the team’s old uniform designs in this week’s Newark Bears Notebook.

I didn’t start following the Atlantic League until 2005, so I missed the Newark Bears purple and gold era. Here are a couple of cards from the 2000 Newark Bears team set to show you some early uniform designs.


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A new trend in sports uniforms?

Atletico de Madrid, a Spanish soccer team, is offering its fans the unique opportunity to show their support. Fans will be able to place their photos on their favorite player’s jersey as part of a mosaic making up his uniform number, for a fee starting at EUR14.90 (approximately $20.)

“The initiative will allow them to accompany their team in every game by placing their photographs on their favourite players’ numbers, at a price everyone can afford,” according to a press release announcing the campaign.

Soccer has embraced placing advertising on player jerseys in a way that Major League Baseball has not. (Remember how the Mets weren’t allowed to use the name of their ballpark on uniform patches commemorating its inaugural season in 2009?)

But wouldn’t it be interesting to see baseball teams do something like this? I would bet that there would be fans who would pay for the privilege of being just a tiny bit closer to the game.