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Autograph collection additions: Wilfredo Tovar, Anderson Hernandez, Steve Holm and John Rutherford

Last week, I added five new signed baseball cards to my autograph collection.

Wilfredo Tovar Wilfredo-Tovar-b

First up, we have a Venezuelan baseball card of New York Mets infielder Wilfredo Tovar that I found on eBay. Aside from learning that Falcon and C27S (ColeccioneS 27) is a manufacturer of baseball and soccer cards in Venezuela, I haven’t been able to find out anything about it.

Tovar, 23, is an infielder who received late September call ups from the Mets in each of the last two seasons when injuries created late-season depth issues. He’s been in nine major league games even though he has not played above the Double-A level in the minor leagues. (In case you’re wondering, Tovar did appear on a two-player Topps Heritage rookie card this year, but the Venezuelan card may have been his first appearance on cardboard in a non-digitally altered Mets uniform.)

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Crossing off a few cards

Marc, who runs the Astros-centric blog Remember the Astrodome, offered to send me a couple of baseball cards from my wantlists last week. In return, I knocked a bunch of cards off of his 1980s Astros wantlists.

Wilfredo Tovar's 2014 Topps Heritage card (from my collection)
Wilfredo Tovar’s 2014 Topps Heritage card

Until I opened Marc’s envelope, I’d forgotten that I never finished this year’s Topps Heritage Mets team set… only nine more regular cards and three shortprints to go.

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