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Where have you gone, Willie Harris?

The other day I was talking to my friend Bart, who is excited about the start of the Minor League Baseball season. He was telling me about how he did getting autographs at the Trenton Thunder’s annual meet & greet event on Tuesday, and about some of the teams that are coming in to Arm & Hammer Field in April.

First on the slate are the Richmond Flying Squirrels, the Double-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants. “Guess who’s their manager?,” Bart asked.

I had no idea. (I think I’m doing pretty well to know Jay Bell is managing the Trenton squad.)

Willie Harris.”

“Oh, yeah, I remember him with the Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals,” I said.

“I’ve got a photo to try to get signed,” Bart said. “In fact, it was one you took when he was one of your guys.”

“Are you sure you don’t mean Lenny Harris?,” I ask.

“You wrote Willie Harris, 2011 on the back,” he said.

“But Willie Harris never played for the Mets,” I say, even though I’m not sure any more.

A quick consultation with reveals that Harris played in 126 games for the 2011 New York Mets. A check of my photo archive showed that I attended at least one of those 126 games.

And I still have no memory of anything that he did as a Met.

I wonder how many other Mets I’ve completely forgotten about since I started following baseball.

Don’t get old.

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Photos from Monday’s Lehigh Valley Ironpigs game

Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs players Steve Susdorf (foreground), Pat Misch (center) and Kevin Frandsen (background) participate in a pre-game team autograph session

Despite the wet weather yesterday, Freddy and I made the trip to Allentown, Pa. to see the Louisville Bats take on the Lehigh Valley Ironpigs. The evening’s promotion was a team photo giveaway and pregame  autograph session.

It was the best-organized autograph session I’ve ever seen. Staff members handed out maps showing where all of the players and coaches would be signing along with the team photo giveaway. There were two or three people per table, and nearly the entire team participated.

Ryne Sandberg had the longest line, but if you went to his table as soon as you got in the gate, you probably were able to get his autograph. He was signing everything from baseball cards, to baseballs, bats and even a Cubs jersey.

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Willie Harris, Jose Reyes & Lou Gehrig’s socks

Willie Harris' 2011 Topps Update baseball card

Noted Mets killer Willie Harris has signed minor league contract with the Cincinnati Reds organization, according to beat reporter Mark Sheldon. If Harris makes the Reds out of spring training and reaches his incentives, he could earn $1 million.

This is good news for Harris, who has a job for 2012, and for the Mets (since Harris will have no more than six chances to hurt them this year.)

In other news, Beckett Media reports that Jose Reyes will have a short-printed variation baseball card picturing him as a Miami Marlin in Topps Series One, which is due to arrive in stores at the beginning of February. For collectors who miss out, Reyes will have a different, non-shortprint card in Series Two.

Also from Beckett Media, a pair of socks worn by Hall of Famer Lou Gehrig sold for nearly $9,000 at a recent auction. Who said the economy isn’t doing fine? Sigh.

Only 27 more days until the official start of spring training for the New York Mets.

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2011 Topps Update Mets Baseball Cards

It’s been about a month since the Topps Update cards came out, and I imagine card collectors have seen their fill of them by now. Just in case you haven’t, here’s a look at the nine Mets included in the set.


On the left, we have Scott Hairston’s actual 2011 Topps Update baseball card. On the right, we have a photo of the giant baseball card that the Mets’ graphics department mocked up for use in the daily lineup display posted at the top of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda at Citi Field. I think I like the official card better.

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An unbelievable win for the diehards

Willie Harris
Willie Harris (Photo credit: slgckgc)

Games like today’s 8-6 Mets’ come-from-behind victory over the Cardinals are why I keep watching.

Thanks to a rain delay that held up the start of the game for more than two hours, I was home in time to see the last few innings. When I turned on SNY, Chris Capuano was already out of the game, the Mets were down 4-1 and Nick Evans was hitting into an inning-ending double play. I thought about flipping the channel, but I changed my mind because there are only six more Mets games left before the start of winter.

It got worse before it got better; Josh Stinson and Daniel Ray Herrera combined to put the Mets in a 6-1 hole. I kept watching anyway, because you never know what might happen.

I was rewarded with an improbable 9th inning comeback – the last time the Mets came back from a bigger deficit that late on the road, Willie Mays had the game-winning hit.

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