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Charlie Williams (1947-2015)

Charlie Williams' 1972 Topps baseball card
Charlie Williams’ 1972 Topps baseball card

We almost made it through January, but this week we lost two members of the New York Mets alumni family. As I noted on Wednesday, Bill Monbouquette passed away on Sunday.

And now we get word that 1970s pitcher Charlie Williams died Tuesday as the result of complications following surgery. Greg Prince wrote about the man Mets traded for Willie Mays in 1972, and I’d urge you all to read it.

(If today’s social media forums were around in 1972, I wonder what the reaction would have been to trading a talented home-grown pitcher who was born in Flushing for an aging superstar.)

Williams continued to receive autograph requests in the mail right up until the end of his life, his brother-in-law told New York Times reporter Patrick McGeehan. “It was a regular thing for a long time,” he said. “People would want to complete their collections.”

(Interesting enough, SportsCollectors.Net shows collectors who wrote to Williams and recorded their results had an 0-for-16 success rate over the years.)

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Cool things in the Mets Museum this year

The Mets Museum has fewer items on display this season than in previous years, but there’s still some cool stuff to go see.

Howie Rose's scorecard from Johan Santana's no-hitter (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)
Howie Rose’s scorecard from Johan Santana’s no-hitter (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

You can see how Howie Rose “put it in the books” when Johan Santana pitched the first (and only, so far) no-hitter in Mets history in 2012.

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Odds & ends: Portland Sea Dogs pics and an Adam Greenberg autograph

Autographed Adam Greenberg 2013 Topps baseball card from my collection
Autographed Adam Greenberg 2013 Topps baseball card from my collection

I’m still around, but when I’ve had the time to write, I haven’t had much of an inclination.

Aside from Matt Harvey and David Wright, there’s precious little reason to watch the Mets these days. Sure, they’ll surprise you in a good way every so often – but they will find new ways to frustrate more often than not. Even Mother Nature doesn’t seem to want to see them play.

I have not added any new Mets autographs to my collection lately, though I will be able to add the card Andrew Brown signed for me via mail during spring training to my Mets binder now. But I have picked up a few more signed cards at various non-major league games. One of the highlights was getting Adam Greenberg to sign his 2013 Topps baseball card last week.

And I had fun in Trenton last weekend watching the Portland Sea Dogs beat the Trenton Thunder with my friend Bart. I’d have to double check my scorecards, but I think it was the first time I ever saw the Sea Dogs win.

Here are some photos from the game:

Boston Red Sox prospect Xander Bogaerts is out at second base on the front end of a double play (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)
Boston Red Sox prospect Xander Bogaerts is out at second base on the front end of a double play (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

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Opening Day and other odds & ends

Willie Mays 1973 Topps baseball card from my collection

The 2012 Major League Baseball season got underway this morning, as the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics started playing in Japan while I was still sleeping.

The New York Mets remain in Florida, stumbling through the Grapefruit League schedule to a record of 6-15-2 with eight games remaining. Spring records are never very meaningful, but the Mets’ poor showing in March can’t be helping ticket sales. (If you’re still looking for Opening Day tickets, the Mets are putting another batch of them on sale today at 10 a.m.)

And I’m just not feeling the excitement about Mets baseball today.

I’ll be at Citi Field a week from tomorrow, and I’m sure the pre-game ceremonies will be classy and touching. With luck, Johan Santana will earn a win and Ike Davis and Lucas Duda will both hit home runs.

But for now, I’m not all that interested in talking about the 2012 Mets.

(Mets baseball card of the moment: Willie Mays‘ only solo card produced during his playing career that shows him as a New York Met is from the 1973 Topps set.)

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(I have one ticket that I can’t use for the the 7 p.m. Trenton Thunder game on Thursday, April 5th. If you can use it, email me at