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A splash of color

A trio of small, colorful potted plants sitting on a windowsill

The weather, much like my mood, has been rather gray for most of this month. But every time I walk by the kitchen window and see this trio of small, colorful plants, I smile a little.

During the summer, we had coleus and celosia plants growing outside in the garden. The coleus plants ended up resembling small shrubs by August — much too big to bring inside, and too fragile to withstand New Jersey winters. (Celosia seems to have a five- to six-month lifecyle, regardless of temperature.)

But the larger plants scattered some seeds, and a few of them grew. I dug them up and put them in these small windowsill pots to have a bit of color to help get me through the winter, until it’s time for the spring daffodils and violets to start blooming again.

Does the winter grayness bother you? What are some of the things that you do to help fight it?

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A glass of spring…

Snow DSCN7127

The northeast has resembled Hoth for the past couple of weeks, with today bringing our first significant snowstorm of 2018. It’s supposed to get even colder this weekend.

But the two most recent additions to our plant menagerie will help remind me that spring is on the way, and that should make it a little bit easier to get through the winter.

January 6th update:

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And then there was one…

Tuesday night’s Mets game should be the one I remember because of how amazing Jose Reyes is.

Jose Reyes 2010 Allen & Ginter card from my collection

Reyes had three hits in six at-bats to raise his average to .336 and give him a three point lead over Ryan Braun for the NL batting title. He hit two home runs in a game for the seventh time in his career. He scored his 100th run of the season for the fourth time in his career, the most ever by a Met. And he made a great defensive play to preserve a one-run lead going to the ninth.

Instead, it became yet another that I’ll remember the bullpen for blowing. Bobby Parnell blew the save (his sixth in 12 chances) and Dale Thayer lost the game (his third of the season.)

I’ll remember it for the bizarre bottom of the 13th inning, where Reds closer Francisco Cordero walked four batters and committed a balk, yet still earned a save.

And I’ll remember it as the last Mets game I got to watch as it was happening this year.

Thanks to a bizarre decision to schedule game #162 as a 1:10 p.m. start, I’ll have to time-shift it if I want to see it. I probably will… I suspect I’ll even keep score.

There’s still the playoffs – maybe even some game #163s on Thursday to determine the wild card spots… but that’s really for other fans to enjoy. I can enjoy the show, but not the celebration.

For me, winter begins when the last out is made later this afternoon… it will last until spring arrives when pitchers and catchers report to Port St. Lucie in February.